PvP patch, vylepšování itemů atd

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PvP patch, vylepšování itemů atd

Příspěvek  Tom83e ( LordTomGood) za Sun Nov 14, 2010 6:20 pm

kluci sorry ale hodil jsem to jenom na Astral forum, ale pokud se bude Kitomovi chtít tak vám může něco přetáhnout, nebo vám to tu můžu hodit v AJ taky ale česky jedině Kitom

a něco málo k tomu, ve hře bude jak víte 5lvl Patronage a budete se moct brat, je to něco jako ve 4s, když si někoho vezmete tak budete mít bonusy ve hře v podobě nějakých itemů atd, manžel vydrží dele, můžete ho resovat atd prostě, dale Upgrade itemu, budete moct udělat z modrého epic, z epicu Legendary a z Legendary ten nejlepší, to nevím ani jak se jmenuje Very Happy rusky to psát nebudu, šance na prasknutí zase je velká určitě takže výtejme v Evropském 4s Razz

Tom83e ( LordTomGood)

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Re: PvP patch, vylepšování itemů atd

Příspěvek  Tom83e ( LordTomGood) za Sun Nov 14, 2010 6:23 pm

very nice patch :-D

Marriages Are Not Only in Heaven. Those Who Fought shoulder to shoulder with the enemies in the Holy Land, Reflecting a demonic invasion of the fragment Yazesa, to divine the secrets of Hypatia, Who HAD prikipet Heart to Another or Another, now Are Able to legitimize their relationship by entering into a lawful marriage. If your character CAN Proud to Admit That Love, or Love, Dreams That Relate life with HIS Second half, then very soon Love the Opportunity to play a Real wedding and start a family! This Holiday is AVAILABLE to all Characters of One Faction of the sexes and over 15 levels. To Conduct the wedding of your Pair Will need a set of wedding rings, wedding dresses and 10 Gold. Registrars in the Church of the Light Novograd and Registry Office Nezebgrade help you hold the wedding ceremony and to legitimize the relationship .

Learn more ...
Characters Who Are Married, Will Open new Opportunities. The newlyweds Will be Able to cook meals with each Other, RESTORING health, mana or Energy, each CAN Resurrect Other After Death, Will be Able to Temporarily Increase the endurance of Her Husband. The Couple Will Have a number of Other Bonuses: a selection of chat messages spouse, a Special signature to the name and Quick to find each Other in your Friends list. In the Future system of weddings in Allods Online Will be supplemented with new Bonuses for couples. Peace and harmony in Love! Strong family - Guarantee of Victory.

and my new mount

some mobs from Astral


What is a Rune Curse?
How to reduce the influence of Rune Curse?
Answers to frequently asked questions.
What is the Curse of Rune

Curse of Rune (hereinafter - RP) - the percentage of incoming healing cuts, depending on runes you attacking the enemy.
RP introduced to compensate the decrease of incoming damage the protective runes and increase outbound healing relatively attacking runes treating your character.
What would have happened if it had not acted RP?
Suppose you have a protective rune 8 steps and you will heal the character with attacking runes 6 stages. In this case, no RP, you would get an almost threefold increase in treatment, because damage to you much less, and treatment - more. In PvP, it would lead to the fact that the fighting dragged on for a long time and sometimes would not end with someone's death, but merely interrupted. In PvE, this would lead to the fact that many classes can go it alone adventure designed for the group.

How to reduce the influence of the Curse Rune

To ER is not as strongly influenced by the success of your adventure is more fundamental approach to the choice of attending a character in your group.
And also you should not rush into battle without restoring vitality to 100% see it is a numeric value, for 299 of 300, is 100% (rounded), and the RP to you is still valid.

Answers to frequently asked questions

Question: If True Rune Curse when hitting the ground?
Answer: None.

Question: Do the protective runes on the strength of RP?
Answer: On the virtue of RP is influenced only by attacking runes.

Q: How long does the ER?
Answer: disappears when the full restoration of the character's health, like any wound.

Q: How is calculated the power of RP in a mass PvP?
Answer: The average rate on the strength of RC members all attack PvP, but takes into account the value of the damage done by each player.

Q: Is there a rune from monsters?
Answer: None. They have a modifier, a bit similar to the runes, but performs a different function than the function of the runes at players. Also, this modifier determines the strength of the blend of Poland.

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Tom83e ( LordTomGood)

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Re: PvP patch, vylepšování itemů atd

Příspěvek  Tom83e ( LordTomGood) za Sun Nov 14, 2010 6:23 pm

1. What is Dragon Shape

Something that has long lacked many - the opportunity to have a second pre-prepared set of equipment that would be relevant to certain situations - is now a reality.
This second set of equipment is called the Dragon's face. As the name implies, it is not just a compilation of things that you want to use in parallel with the main set. The shape of the dragon implies the use of precisely the Dragon Relics. Now it is the best quality stuff in the game, they are denoted in yellow.

At this point you can get them in the City of Demons.
Dragon shape of the interface completely duplicates the standard windows interface equipment, except that there is no cell for the bag. To see how you look in Dragonblight appearance, as well as learn new features, you need to find die "Dragon Shape" with space for a tick.

It's just you. Box is unchecked

And it shall be you, when the Dragon will take shape. The tick is worth.

However, note that switching ticks can only see how it will look like a character in the guise of Dragonblight, but not activate it. To activate the Dragon Shape, you must use a special ability to "Dragon Shape", which only works with the benevolent patron for you

Under a portrait of your character, where the indicators of all other superimposed effects, an icon appears with a helmet. This means that Dragon Shape is activated. This ability acts just 30 seconds and one every 30 minutes, so use it wisely and only in the most crucial moments.


2. How to get Dragon Shape

You must run a chain of assignments. The first can be obtained after the second stage Kirah when you will be referred to the tomb of Juneau. Where it faced the spirit of a great hunter, you will be able to get his story assignment. When you meet them, it sends you back to Kirah to kill demons. More of them will tell you Gatekeeper. However, it is not just long and tedious battle, killing some of the weakest demon ritual knife, you can call a demon stronger over would also need to win.

To complete the tasks necessary to kill the most powerful demon. Following this conversation with Gatekeeper has revealed the need to go to the City of Demons and find the stele, which resides next to the boss of a pogrom. Available you already have by this time last ashes should dispel a number of stelae. This action will call the dragon, which will need to win.
From the decay of the past to dispel a number of stelae, independent production with a dragon. If the entire team (the raid) will scatter the resulting ashes (ie, of 24 units), extraction with the dragon will be 4 drops of his blood. Each such drop and will be key to getting the Dragon shape

Sorry for Translate, i have russian friend here but he is lazy

Tom83e ( LordTomGood)

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Re: PvP patch, vylepšování itemů atd

Příspěvek  Tom83e ( LordTomGood) za Sun Nov 14, 2010 6:32 pm

and, if someone want, i can transalte it in picture, just say me

Relics and improve their quality
Besides the fact that the game was introduced two new levels of quality items, wonderful (turquoise) and relics (yellow) - appeared, and how to create their own weapons and equipment required quality. Now a player can get a new object by connecting existing things with the addition of a magic ingredient. But first things first.

    1. What?

Relics - is remarkable (blue), rare (purple), legendary (orange) and wonderful (teal) for weapons and equipment, which you can get just by participating in the heroic adventures and visiting the islands in the astral astral reflection. One of the features Relics is an opportunity to improve them to a new quality. For example, to get out of the wonderful things rare, etc.


As you can see at the above screenshots, right above the price of the subject is the signature "Heritage of Ancient Heroes" and "This course can be improved (second highlighted in color, that mean the quality of the object to which you can improve it).

Improve the quality of the wonderful things (turquoise) is no longer possible, but it is also considered a relic.
Of course, such things can get hold of the inventory, only by killing bosses.

    2. Where?

Improve the quality relic is possible only in a certain place. For Lygians a house next to the auction

Inside you will see just such an anvil:

    3. How?

Now let's talk about how to improve the object and what it takes.
First, you need a very Relic that you will improve. Further, we call it upgradable subject.
Secondly, you need a second item of inventory, which would make it possible to improve the first object. Next, we will refer to the second object "improvers." This "enhancer" must necessarily be identical to improving the subject. Roughly speaking, as with the runes - Runes of two of the first level you get one rune of the second, and here. Ie If you want to do legendary (orange) "Pants hapless Minesweeper, you need the rare (purple)" Pants hapless Minesweeper as improvable things and "Pants hapless Minesweeper any other quality higher or equal to the wonderful (blue) as" improver " . There is one important point: the quality of the object, "improver" may be arbitrary, that no matter what no effect, so carefully think about what is and what you end up using!

Third, you need a magic ingredient. This can be Cinnabar, Amalgam or Realgar. As an ingredient affects the probability of improving the subject, but it reduces the chance of damage improvable object.

Cinnabar - the cheapest, low quality and easily accessible ingredients. You can purchase it at the Masters Relics, which will stand near the forge.

Amalgam better than cinnabar, but to get it harder. You direct road to the Melting Island, the Arena of Death in the Catacombs of Juneau - simply put, it is necessary to take part in events that focused on group PvP, or go to the appropriate location of this requirement.

Realgar is the most high-quality ingredients, to procure which, however, the most difficult. Raid PvP-activity in the Astral confrontation - that's a way to get Realgar.

If all conditions are met, you activate the cursor to the "Use" (gear) on the anvil, and there is a window of the corresponding interface.
To begin, place improvable object in the center of the circle.

Then send the object-conditioner to the top of the circle.

The magic ingredient must be in the bottom of the circle. Necessary to determine the amount of an ingredient you want to use.

Among other things, the process of improvement will cost you some gold. If all that you see on the screen, you're satisfied, click "Enhance".

If things were the same, the reagent was sufficient, but its quality was satisfactory and good luck on your side, then you end up the subject of improved quality. Exactly what you wanted!

But do not forget that two items get one. Ie in fact you deliberately change two things worse than one is better.

4. Side Effects

If improvable object was cursed, that after the improvement he will also remain cursed.
If the subject-"enhancer" was cursed, but better - no, after the successful improvement of the subject will be cursed.
If both subjects are cursed, the subject can not be improved.
If the subject-"enhancer" was built in fleece, it will automatically fetch and go into the inventory. From improving the subject of fleece can not be ejected.
Increased count reagents reduces the chance of failure (up to 0), but does not increase the chance of luck.
If you do not take into account all the nuances that are listed in this guide is the result of improvements can be negative and equipment uhudshitsya.Imeyte this in mind!
Outcomes are:

view port (its quality is lowered by one notch, may occur with all but Remarkable quality items - they can not spoil).
the subject does not change its quality.
subject increases their quality by one level (can happen with everyone except the wonderful quality items - they can not improve, as it is the highest quality at the relic of things).

In all 3 cases the subject-"enhancer" is lost.

Tom83e ( LordTomGood)

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Re: PvP patch, vylepšování itemů atd

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