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Patch 1.1.04

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Tato verze bude soucasti pristiho EU/NA patche. Opet Google preklad...:

Update "New Test" ( [9.09.2010]

Astral confrontation

All players whose guild has reached level 10 of development, can take part in the Astral confrontation. This opposition will finally determine which of the guilds are the best. Before the beginning of the battle guilds are invited to choose one of two positions: defensive or offensive. Position command aggressor initially unfavorable, but the capture of each of the control points the attacking guild gradually take a dominant role. The defending team initially will be owned by three control points of the four, two of which are under the protection of combat turrets, and the third point of the aggressors will be met by the great magician himself. Victory in this battle promises honorary award - the power over the territory of a Rage.

Catacombs of Juneau

Became available for new location-oriented free PvP - Catacombs of Juneau. Ranging is a maze consisting of a set of ornate corridors and doors. Throughout the maze of players who are not with a character in a group, are for his enemies. The structure of the corridors of the labyrinth is variable. The entire maze is divided into three circles. Initially, the player appears at a random point on the periphery of the maze - the first round. In the second round to fight with two bosses, and those who are lucky enough to get into the third round, was destined to join battle with a giant golem. Be in a maze can only those who are close to solving the mystery of the director. There is a faster way - to use purchased in the shop of curiosities ticket Catacombs Juneau. Go to the Catacombs of Juneau can only characters who reach level 40, from 19:00 to 19:30 Moscow time.

Ability Patron Grace now restores vitality pets and twin mystique.
The authority of the murder Eater Sparks will now be charged only to those who cast, but not all were present at the time of the murder on the island of players.
Polar racers with melting Islands were second rank, the values of their properties increase.
Fixed bug with unsaved entered in the login program, "Launcher". Also now in the program "Launcher" working press "Del" and "Tab", which perform the respective functions. Now you can paste information from the clipboard.
The shop of curiosities
Astral travelers will have the opportunity to change the look of your vehicle, using a new product in the shop of curiosities - "coupon book" that will get the ticket to change the appearance of the ship. This card will be stored in the "Values".
Fixed a bug where icon is being aggressively tuned in relation to another character, remained for a player of gray, even after joining the group with this character.
Now, when equipped wings will not hide cloak.
By pressing "ALT + SHIFT + Z", now you can show or hide the chat window and counter tasks.
The calendar of events on the tab "Daily" is now working on sorting time.
Fixed a bug which when combined into a single stack of items with different expiration time was calculated incorrectly.
In the game options on the tab with additional graphic settings, a new feature that allows you to enable / disable physics raincoats. Inclusion of Physics cloak allows us to give it greater realism in the motion. After you enable or disable the settings so that it entered into force, must be removed and re-wear a raincoat, or re-login to the game.
In the list of guild members will now display the last entry in the game.

Fixed a bug where visually by Interrupting down the body of a character bent in half.

Completely redesigned class Pagan, talents and skills are reset. The mail sent to all the nations dead water droplets, allowing for two days to distribute talent points and milestones. The process of playing this class will be more exciting and diverse. Changes, which underwent Pagan, open great scope for developing new battle tactics and ways of development of the class. As before, it will be useful in a single game, but it will be a welcome participant in the group. Of the major changes worth noting: the emergence of a new Kara potions, new chain attack skills "static discharge, new milestones in the development-oriented Druid kastetchika. Read the full development of the class .
The bug, according to which the ability to "Defender of the Faith" is not caused by increased damage from the demons of skills, "Kara," "cleansing fire", "discharge," "The Verdict" and "holy anger."
Using the skills of "Healing Light" will no longer enter the character into a state of battle.
The ability to "Cleansing" can now be applied to purposes that are behind the character.
When using the skills of "discharge" goal will be to stray from the feet, depending on rank spells every 40 or 30 or 20 seconds.
Spell Magic cover now works as stated in the description.
The effect of "Imitation of Death" is removed by using pre-prepared spell.
Using the abilities of the Guardian and the gas chambers will now expend their energy.
The effect of slowing down when using the skill "crippling blow" will now be imposed only in case of hitting the target. Also increased the duration of the effect of slowing down to 12 seconds.
The description of the milestones of "martial arts" the information that it only affects melee attacks.
In describing the milestones of "Fear of Death" make it clear that it increases the speed of movement, rather than punches.
"Blazing Arrow", released in focus, now increases the effects of confusion, no more than one.
Timer effects, "Hypnosis" and "Astral damage" imposed on the objective one mystic, when applying identical effects of other mystics, would be updated.
Spells "Impulse" and "Wall of Knives" is now causing damage to the astral, not physical as before.
An issue, by which it was impossible to apply to the target ability Mind Blast when it was under the influence of the effect of "stunning."
Effect on the ability to "Seared mind" now is the magic and remove any Anti-Magic spells.
The ability to "Ray of Light" is now working on the ability to "Prayer".
The ability to "Beat The Punisher" is now burns energy as described.
When using the skill "Call" to the same goal by different Paladin effects "caused by a fight" and "punishment" will be updated.
Ability to "Die Hard", is now working as described and remove the effects of control.
Spring Mask bunny ears "now looks like before.
Time, recovery time, "Strong magic potions" increased to 5 minutes.
Names of the objects displayed in the chat room, are now linked. For information on the subject please click on its name in the chat left mouse button.
Now when you hit the bag of items, the time difference of not more than one minute, they will be placed in one stack.
Upon cancellation of the event "Meet the shop of curiosities" objects "Voice Over" and "vote against" will not be withdrawn.
Characters belonging to the faction of the Empire, now can not get a job, "Exploration of MEM.
Reduced excessive damage from the effect of "Frostbite", which character is endowed with when visiting the island of Nordheim. This is due to the fact that the damage was physical in nature, and not magic.
Killer unicorns Mieczyslaw Liutov now has 20 levels, instead of the previous 17-th.
Plague-stricken Castle
Negative effect of "Hypothermia" is now removed "refreshing potion" pagans.
In the heroic version of the adventure is weakened boss Ghost White Knight.
The bug, according to which MorGuun could recover its vitality during the battle.
Every vampire stele during the quest, "Shadow Nursery is now available to mine not more than 1 times.
An error in the negative effect of "humiliation" that instead of increasing damage to a character increases the damage on the boss.
Wild Islands
The mechanics assignments: "The first match," "The second match 'and' third bout." Now, being summoned during the quest will once aggressively supportive of encouraging them to personage.
Dragon ring
Demon Hunter needed to perform the job "Hunting the hunter, now has 38 levels instead of the previous 39-th.
Weakened by a mini-boss Graakh-shek, who need to kill during the quest "Pledge Union."
Temple Tensesa
Changed the extraction, obtained from bosses. With the intermediate bosses will now drop out great guns at 27 level, and with the final boss a rare armor for 27 levels.
Extraction with fanged protein will now be no more than one nut.
The Holy Land
Now, when you seized control of the forces of the character will go up PvP flag.

The effect of "Excellence", which is endowed with Eater Sparks devouring them a spark, now works as described, and reduces all damage done to them 10 times.
Became available for tuning the appearance of the ship. Now everyone can give your vehicle a unique look by choosing the taste of sails, hull, decor and logo. Each change requires a certain amount of coupons that can be purchased in the shop of curiosities.

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