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budoucí patch 1.1.03

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Zde menší přehled z ruského fóra (přeloženo googlem do en ...)

Update "Melting Island"
In early August, will be loaded major new update, which will make a lot of new things in the life of the inhabitants Sarnauta.


New guild system

Added new functional guilds. The development of guilds and increase its level now depends on the cohesion and the joint efforts of all players belong to it. Total guild has 100 levels of development, each of which gives the characters comprising it, certain advantages. In order for guilds to set up before making any changes, new features become available, the leader of the guild need to buy game currency for the registrar of guilds, which is located in the capital of the faction, Talisman military brotherhood and use it. After that registrars guild can buy special guild capes. The right to purchase capes character may give the guild master. Later, on reaching the guild 15-level development becomes available heraldry, which can be put on a raincoat, but not before the leader of the guild you must purchase a license from the registrar at Guild symbolism, so it can be acquired in game store. Players will be available to special tasks that allow to contribute to the development of the guild.

Melting Island

A new location free PvP - "Melting island. Throughout the island, except for camps fractions is a war for the treasure. Attack may characters as hostile factions, and friendly. The island inhabited by elementals 41-42 levels. The main activity will be held from 15:00 to 2:00, Moscow time. During this period there is a chance to catch one of the thaw of this island treasure. Treasure can be both big and small, and contain relevant award. At 22:00 Moscow time the whole island will be subjected to global warming, and at this point awards will appear in all thawed island. All players are on the island, will be notified of the appearance of the treasure. Depending on the size of the treasures to melt require from 1 to 5 minutes. To get to the island, talk to the Messenger of Peace on the ruins of Hypatia and get him a special assignment.

The latest skirmish in the City of Demons

The way you have done in the search for truth and the salvation of the world, will continue, and a mystery that you will discover will make you look differently at the world Sarnauta.
Boss ... A true leader of the cultists and demons. They say the power of his inexhaustible. It was he who bestowed immortality Gurluhsoru, no longer just before the vanquished. It was he who raised Armand de Dusera, developed the ability to sting Stepnykh. Power Boss comparable to that of Tensesa, and perhaps even surpasses it.
To fight with him, you had to overcome many obstacles and defeat dangerous enemies. Fight with the Boss - a new challenge. Predict its outcome can not, because the ability of the Boss unknown. Simple and well-known tactic will not succeed. We'll have to find new ways of warfare to defeat the demon lord and master of cultists. Sarnauta fate in your hands. Be strong and courageous. Good luck!

New Astral Island

• In the distant astral, a new island - "Lost". Adventure is designed for players level 40 and above. On the island you will fight with two bosses: pulsating magical Elemental and guardian of the Pyramid. To get to the island, received a special daily task from Athanasius Nikita (League) or Fyodor Konyuhina (Empire), which are located in the port city faction.


• Now the character will not dismount when using the majority of items from the curio shops.
• Now the tooltip that appears when you hover the cursor on a scale of experience driving the animal will display information about non-receipt of mounts experience for exceeding daily limit kormezhek.

Shop curios
• In the shop of curiosities appeared items that would increase the magazine assignments: - "The magazine of 25 pages" - increases the size of this magazine for jobs up to 25 pages;
- Journal on 35 pages "- increases the size of this magazine for jobs up to 35 pages;
- Two pages for the magazine traveler "- increases the size of this magazine for jobs on 2 pages.
• Under "Services" / "Reset Skill Stalls rarities appeared" Drops Dead Water "and" Drops of living water. "-" Drops Dead Water "- using a class trainer will return all the water distributed talent points and milestones in development and allows distribute them in new ways.
- "Drops of the water of life" - when using a class trainer will return all the water distributed spectacles characteristics and allows you to distribute them in new ways. The drops can be used an unlimited number of times within 2 days from the date of purchase. Items can not be sold or transferred to another player.
• In the "Craft" Stalls rarities appeared objects, allowing to increase the level of skills of the character. - "Potion of inspiration" - by using exposes the importance of all skills in the allowable maximum current level. The effect of this potion lasts 2 hours and not decreases in the death or withdrawal from the game.
- Notes of the Master "- this item can be exchanged at any mentor from producing or manufacturing jobs at 25 points to the appropriate skills.
• In the "Style" / "Communication" Stalls rarities appeared "The drug eloquence", which in one week will provide a special way, all talk and message character among others.
Under Chests "/" Boxes "Stalls rarities appeared" box with a hat "- this chest can get 1 of 28 hats. These items do not change the characteristics of the character and hide items from cell helmet.
• In the "chests" / "Boxes" Stalls rarities appeared "box with the suit, at the opening of a character can get one of the 28 costumes, which, in turn, replace the external appearance of the character and have no effect on its properties.
• In the "Style" / "Atelier" Stalls rarities have appeared two new suits: "The costume smuggler" and "costume historian."
• In the "Style" / "The Shape" Stalls rarities appeared Jewelry "Black Wings" and "White Wings".


• By default, when you open the Calendar of Events will now open the tab "Featured".
• In the battle chat will now display the events.
• Character is now located on a separate panel in the window character. If desired, the panel can be hidden.
• Decorative clothes and styles with outfit will now be placed in specially designated slots located in the box character.
• Now the selection goal was withdrawn after a single pressing Esc, but not double, as before.
• Updated interface creating runes. Now you can combine several runes have a sufficient number of crystal chips and gold dust in the bag.
• The number of runes, Level 1, which can combine a lump sum equal to 1024.
• If you create a new rune has been used tied fleece, the new rune will also be tied to a character as to create runes will inform the appropriate message.
• Changes in work with objects. If the only open window bags, use an item by pressing the right mouse button, if open any other window, in addition to bags, then use the object must use a combination of shift + right click.
• insert and remove the runes, as well as to clean the subject from the curse is now possible, even if the object is outside the window bags (in the deposit, in the character window).
• When you open the game menu in the upper right corner will display the name of the current server.
• Icons emotions will now be displayed on the character, even if the game settings are disabled signature.
• Added sound in the following events related to the opening of windows: bank, career, calendar, and auction.
• Added sound some action and white-maned Black Mane.
• Added sound when using spells Patron "Willpower".



• Pets Necromancer and Gentiles will no longer knock down the target from the legs during the attack.
• Fixed a bug which resulted in it was impossible to activate the purses with crystals, after entering the game for as long as no open shop of curiosities.


• The duration of the effect of "Numbness" is reduced, and now, depending on the rank of skills, she is 9, 15 or 15 seconds.
• Increased chance of critical hit (eg, the ability to "Evil") now works correctly with the ability to "discharge" and "purgatorial fire."
• The effect of "purgatorial fire" obtained by using the ability to "Flame of holiness", now affects the damage dealt by "Kara".
• Ability to "Holy Word" now causes damage immune to stun targets and has a recovery time equal to one minute.
• Ability to "Turn Evil" will now not be used if the character superimposed effects of silence.
• Being under the influence of the effect of "glare" will now target the character melee attacks.


• Spells "Ignition" and "Firewall" is now inflict damage to targets immune to control.


• Due to changes in location of certain milestones of development, talent and their own milestones are reset.
• Ability Bloody Aegis now works as described.
• Fixed a bug related to set an aggressive attitude towards the goal custody.
• Ability to "Imitation of Death" now has a creation of 0.5 seconds. Being under the influence of this effect, Necromancer gradually loses the aggressive attitude objectives in relation to him.
• Racial ability hadaganskih necromancers "The Art of Resuscitation" now increases strength and Reason EP by 50% within 30 seconds, and 30% reduces cooldown.
• spell "Virus" is now infects all opponents Necromancer within 10 meters from the vehicle and begins to mutate. Mutated virus explodes in 8 seconds or immediately if it is healing, causing infected some damage. Also, does damage to three nearby enemies within 10 meters.
• When you use the skill "Fever" contracting a disease every 2 seconds with a probability of 15, 20 or 25% (depending on the rank of a spell) transmits Necromancer 1 drop of blood. After the time of or curing goal is to get hit. Necromancer can only support one fever at a time.
• Immunity using spells "Panacea" is now applied immediately, not after the time of the panacea, thus reducing the effective duration of immunity. Now only applies to the group.
• Ability to "Boiling Acid" no longer makes the chance of critical hit spell "Virus".
• Ability to "infection" is now also affects the spell "Virus", but the effect from the infection now, depending on the rank of the ability of 5, 10 and 15% increased damage and treatment.
• Ability to "epidemic" now does not affect the fever.
• Ability to "Gift of Darkness" now, depending on rank, increases stamina bar minion at 3, 6 and 9%, and the master at 5, 10 and 15%.
• "Blood flow" will no longer work on the virus, Vampirism under this milestone gives a chance 33, 66 and 100% (third grade) to obtain additional drop of blood. Also, with increasing rank increases the chance of a drop of blood from the effect of fever on 3, 6 and 9%.
• The ability to "Hot blood" no longer generates a drop of blood, and increases the chance of critical hit or healing spell "Vampirism", "Breath of Death", "Injection of blood" and "Reanimation".
• "Incest" is now at critical spell effect "Injection of blood" with a probability of 15, 30 or 50% returns the spent blood, but at the critical effects of "vampirism" allows you to create a spell "Breath of Death" with zero recovery time. Also, this ability reduces the time of the creation of undead spells at 15, 30 and 50%.
• Ability to "chiropractor" increases the effectiveness of treatment of all abilities Necromancer at 3, 6 and 9%, and also reduces the cooldown on "Imitation of Death" at 15, 30 and 50%.
• Ability to "Hand of Darkness" now increases the distance of spell injection of blood "and gives an additional 33, 66 or 100% chance to remove magical effects the ability to" Antidote ".
• Duration of the effect of "Panacea" is reduced to 16 seconds, and while the immunity is increased up to 80 seconds.
• "Pact of Blood" is now created 1 drop of blood every five seconds, if the player is out of battle and blood supply is less than 3, 5 and 10 drops (depending on rank).
• Fixed a bug in the ability to "Genius of contact," now it works correctly with the ability to "Hypnosis"
• Fixed a bug with sticking switching spells using Necromancer Defiler.


• spell "Lightning Arrow" now causes damage not only the goal, but also to all enemies located near her.
• Ability to "Aimed Shot" now has a recovery time - instantly.
• Ability to "Powerful shot" now has a cooldown 20 seconds in the first grade, 16 second and 12 in the third.
• Damage from the ability to "Shot in the throat" is reduced by half, but the cooldown is now two minutes in the first grade, one second and thirty seconds in the third.
• All shooting skills can now be used for short distances, while at the scout will be imposed a fine in the form of the effect of "confusion".
• "Confusion" now reduces the chance of evasion and parry attacks by 25% for each level of effect, and also increases the time of preparation of skills for 1 second.
• During the battle now will not work avtopodzaryadka arrows, they will be charged one at a time, and out of combat arrows will be charged automatically.
• Milestone Development "vigilance" Now, as stated in the description, only increases the damage from ranged attacks.
• "A powerful shot" or a change of purpose is now removed from the enemy's sight only effect of the character who performs one of these actions.
• Now the number of stack effect "control shot" will be 3, 4 and 5, depending on the rank of skill.
• The duration of the effect of slowing down when using the "Crippling strike" is now equal to 12 seconds.


• Ability to "Ektoplazmaticheskaya form" now absorbs damage from spells that cause damage over time.
• Effect of "Mind reading" now has a duration of 20 seconds.
• "weakened intellect" now only a damage spell at a time, but the bonus damage from this ability has been increased by 5/10/15%.
• Ability to "Power of suggestion, now affects skills, causing damage over time.
• Milestone Development Telekinetik "imposes a delay of 7 seconds.
• Milestone "Personal Magnetism" increases the duration of Stun effects by 25/50%.
• Milestone Development "Puppeteer" increases perseverance by 5/10/15%.
• Milestone Development "Kontakter" reduces the cost of maintaining capacity "Contact Reason" and "break the will."
• The effect of the spell "Wall of Knives", the superposition of several mystics on one goal, will be added together.
• The effect of a spell "Merging Mind" from several Mystics for will not be replaced.
• Reduce the duration of Stun using spells Psychic attack.


• When you use the skill "Beat the bear" out of combat pet would not be vested with the effect of "Cooperative hunting.
• Effect of "lightning protection", which is endowed with the goal of using the same name Pagan skills, will now be removed when you exit the game.
• The effect of "Static charge", which is endowed with the goal of using the same name Pagan skills will not be removed with the use of other Pagan skills "Lightning".
• "Beat the Wolf" heathen using milestones "Power werewolf" will no longer restore the pagan mana when using a blow against the enemy that uses energy.
• Potions cooked Pagans, including "Healing Potion", now can be folded into a single cell in quantities up to 5 pieces.
• The effect of "Static charge" now also works for lightning caused a spell to "Storm".
• The effect of sleepy potion pagan removed the ability Patron "Willpower".
• Effect of Lethal Potion "will now work for a spell" Correction of the body "Mystic.


• Fixed errors in the ability to "challenge".
• Milestone Development "vengeance" now increases movement speed by 30%, which corresponds to the description.


• Milestone Development "Fury" now removes the effect of inflammation.
• Milestone Development Cold Blood "will now properly affect the duration of the effect on the ability of the pagan The Wasp swarm.
• Fixed errors in the ability to "insult".
• Fixed errors in the ability to "provoke".



• Good Rod Extraction and Best Rod Excerpts now have 300 and 1000 respectively on charges of use.
• Assignment "Introduction to the auction, received a Herald Novograd or Nezebgrada Guide is now available with 4 levels.
• Amulet Seal of domination now works as described.
• In no heroic adventures in the killing last boss you can now get things quality "Rare".
• Now we can not pass is not the heroic adventures of a group, the difference of levels between players in a larger 4.
• Fixed a bug which resulted in the players faction League could go to KhNPP, and Imperials - a castle nut.
• Crystal Purses now you can extract, while in Purgatory.


• modify the characteristics of punishing a staff, received a reward for the task "Victory Banner".


• Effect of "Confusion", which gives the character Experienced rebel soldier, now removed the ability Patron "The Power of Freedom.
• Level of assignments carried out in the fortress, raised to 12 th in connection with improving the quality of items issued as a reward for their implementation.


• The effect of slowing down, which give character Troublemakers League, now reduces the regeneration of energy and increases the time of preparing spells.
• The effect of "Slow", which gives character family of Glazastikov now removed the ability to Patron "The Power of Freedom."


• Negative effect of "evil eye", which give character novice Tap into the cursed temple, now takes mana / energy gradually, not instantaneously as before.

New Earth

• The Semeiko Haw now available Searing al, who saves from the cold.

Plague-stricken Castle

• Effect of "crushing blow" imposed on the character Adrian Valirskim no longer slows down, and completely immobilize the character.


• «Project 763", which is reached after a character in the Empire starting area, and now exists as a separate zone. After completing all the tasks there, and got into Nezebgrad, the character no longer be able to return there.


• In case of cancellation of the assignment, "How to grease the historians' are not captured by objects made by crafts.

Splinter Yazesa

• Ada Grobina miniboss now, and not the elite.
• Quest "New Chapel". The level of the latter being required for the job, reduced to 39, and extended the time period through which the creature is resurrected.

Arena of Death

• Points of military glory, obtained by opening chests, will now receive all the players in a friendly faction, located at the arena.
• Activities related to the Arena of Death, will now be held twice a day at 17:00 and at 21:00, Moscow time, but you can only visit her once a day, in any of the above-mentioned time intervals.
• Now, to get to the Arena, a character must have 42 levels and an active patron.


• The Camp of the League and the Central Camp Empire appeared traders Danila Gromov and George Pravdin, who can buy the subject "Holy justice" - kill the opposing faction player over level 30 and above, where he is on Asee-Teph with the flag of War. This item can not be used by players over 28 levels, once a character can be only one such item in the bag.

Temple Tensesa

• [FONT = Tahoma] Fixed a bug where Guardians Gurluhsora could attack the boss Nefer Ur.

• Fixed problem with the impossibility of putting the job "Nefer Ur" Voisvetu Iron, after the murder Gurluhsora.

Great Dome
• Bosses guy fighting and Iaver Shah is now level 20 and not 19 as before.

City Demons

• The appearance of weapons, obtained in the extraction in the murder of bosses Cities demons changed.
• Fixed a bug related to the fact that Armand de Duser not always raised the approximate vampires.
• Reduced the amount of vitality Bloody Oka, and the damage from his spells - increased. In addition, increased slightly the number of vital forces Gurluhsora.



• Island Poison God: increasing the number of boilers on the island, which now can not be activated in a state of battle.
• Re-accessible island Silent Hills.
• Fixed a bug related to the emergence of invisible monsters on the ship when mezhhabovyh jumping.
• Island turned the: reduce the number of lives harpies, slightly increased the damage of Ice Elemental, reduced the number of monsters on the island.


• Now you can not use boarding teleport (to get off the ship or get on the ship), if the group members are in combat.
• Changed the damage done by long-range and short guns. Damage from the guns, now depends on the distance shots.
• Changed the location of generators shields on the ship. Now they are in this order: one at the bow and stern, and two on each side. In this case, respectively, to halve the weight, power and regeneration of the shield.
• The visibility range of objects and creatures in the astral plane is increased to two kilometers.
• Ship scanner now notes passed by sector road, and reset the trajectory occurs at the entrance to the hangar.
• Dialled Astral Emanations in cross-sectoral jump reset to the maximum possible (30 AE).
• Changed the damage abilities of astral beings. Reduce the percentage of passing through the shields, if any.
• Each ship carries eight guns, and 2 rows on each side. This power cannons, their damage and weight reduced by half.
• Extended range battlefield luchemetov and the load on the reactor in use.
• Balanced bombard and bombard heavy "Thunder" and "Hammer" now belong to a rare class of devices. Bombard Rokot "and" The Hammer "belong to the Q class.
• Increased load on the reactor, which is formed after the application possibilities visor Scan current region (up to 500 units.).
• Rolling back the possibility of "Fast and the Furious" increased to 30 seconds.
• Increased the damage of the following bombards: Modified rapid-bombard - and 250 Modified bombard "The Hammer" - up to 740, and power consumption to 220, Modified bombard Rokot - to 740, and power consumption to 220, a modified quick-bombard "The Hammer" - up to 500, and power consumption to 100.
• Each new trunk, falling into the treasury, reduces the speed of the ship at 3% rather than 5% as before.


• Potion of oblivion for the profession is now being used immediately.
• Some recipes increase the number of necessary ingredients.

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