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budoucí patch 1.1.02

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Updating "The Fifth patronage" [17.06.2010]
Patchnout updated, some points marked separately


Fifth Favor

• Implemented a new method for the fifth stage of patronage. Now the Grand Patron of the emblem may be obtained in exchange for the Holy Symbols. In the shop there will be new rarities Boxes patronage, containing a random number of characters. The characters needed for the Great Entry, you can send, sell and buy. Each holder of the Great Logos, referring to Vlad Astralinu in port Nezebgrada and Irina Astralovoy in port Novograd be able to go to adventure on a deserted island astral Argus, where dwells the Great Dragon, and earn the highest fifth stage of patronage.

Nourish and Runes

• Now, all items received in the world, do not contain runes.
• Expanded range of levels of runes. The maximum level of runes all patrons are now 13th.
• Patron requires less experience at levels above 40th. Using the abilities of Patron at these levels gives you more experience. As a result of receiving Patron levels are now much easier.
• cooldown Patron "The Power of the Spirit" is now 5 minutes.
• Ability Patron "The Power of Freedom" removes most of Stun effects.
• The ability of the patron of mercy now restores mana and health of the Necromancer's minions and pet Pagans.
• Fixed a bug that causes that person to the fourth stage of protection could take the job for the third stage.
• In case of cancellation of tasks related to protection, in which you want to bring rune, the rune will not climb.
• simplified the task for obtaining the third level of protection. Now to complete the task to collect enough for three items of each type, and not 10 as before.


• Now when unpacking food for the horses and feeding the horses character not dismount.
• Forage for horses unpacked immediately.
• When the mouse on the icon of horse in a stall in a tooltip will display characteristics of a horse for her next level.
• Now you can ride a horse, while in the guise of an animal.
• Fixed a bug with zeroing features mount in the box stall.


Bulletin board

• There is a new interface - Classified Ads. Activation can be in the box Talk, located in the lower right panel interface. To use the service will be players who have completed the starting adventure. Ads are grouped by type. In a separate tab of the Search Party "will be possible to create a free listing on the search for the company to go through adventures. For the player displays messages of other players, other than the level of not more than two of the level of character. Placed ads in this tab is missing when entering a character in the group and its exit from the game. In the tab "Announcements" you can place any ads, but for this you need special ink. A tab in the "Guild" head of the guild and its officers will be able to advertise for your guild, which will also require ink. Placed ads are valid for a week - after that period they disappear.


• Are you afraid to miss time-limited action? Holidays, play activities, jokes no longer overlooked your view. You will be easy to plan your time with the new Calendar interface. Call it by clicking on the button at the bottom right panel interfaces. Game events are grouped by type: Recommended, Daily, repeatable and Other. At each event you can find its description, a reward for participation, the date and time, as well as its popularity.


• Interface box of emotions changed its location. View it by clicking the button in the upper right corner of the chat. As before, the commonly used emotions can be transferred to the Quick Access Toolbar.
• Substantially refined animation, for each class to make unique озвучка characters.
• Added special emouty visually express the emotions of the character. Overhead, the character will see a smiley face. Select emouta also available from a single window that is located next to the window of emotions.
• Reduced distance at which messages are displayed on emotions.

Shop curios

• Improved interface Stalls rarities. Items are sorted by categories, the clustering.
• Now, when buying items, you can specify the required number in a special interface. There also appears the total purchase price.
• Increase up to one month term of life of most consumable items.


• Added a special interface, allowing you to select characteristics of your character, which one can assess the benefit from the protection. The window appears when you click on the icon Patron.
• Now the mail character is sent a letter informing you of the termination of the life of the object stored in the bank.
• Added a tooltip describing the rank of the mount.
• Members of the detachment, and now you can add to friends via the interface box character.
• Fixed a bug related to the inability to add someone to your friends.
• Fixed a bug where it temporarily impossible to auction items, divided into two or more parts.
• Now, when fully completed, the book targets icons above NPCs on the availability of jobs do not disappear.
• Added a message informing you during the opening of the object that the object does not have trophies. For example, when you open the empty chest during the quest "Valuable resources Avilon" player will be given an appropriate message.
• Now in counter assignments for the title will display the current value of Valor character.
• Added tooltips for dovorotov for crafts.



• The effect obtained when using a spell to "Storm", is now cleared when you exit the game.
• Fixed a bug where Necromancers and the Gentiles did not get the experience and production for the dead with their pet monsters.
• paralyzing saliva monsters termites no longer reduces the power and mana regeneration.
• Subjects with a term of life, sold to a merchant, you can now buy back.
• When leaving the battle a monster under the action of some regulatory effects ("Ghost World", "Tornado", and so on.), It returns to its original state immediately, rather than at the end of the duration of the effect.
• Now the monsters "see" pets and react to them as well as on the characters.


• Spell "Parting words" has a duration of one hour. It can support only one goal at a time. Not prevent death from excessive damage.
• Fixed a bug in the spell Parting words. Now it can not heal target more than once.


• Corrected the text in the description of the spell Elements Help. Now writes the correct amount of health points restored (it was said only half true).
• Spell "Snowdrift" now removes the effect of the spell "Fire Wall".
• Effects of spells "Firewall", "Shield of the Elements," Reflections "is now removed spells neutralizing magic.


• The effect of "Silence" gas vans lasts 8 seconds. Gas chamber is now trying to approach the target at the distance of the effect.
• gas chamber no longer receives damage from many attacks on the area.
• Ability Guard "disarmament" will no longer work on targets immune to control. The effect on the ability to be removed neutralizing the effects of disarmament.
• Characters that are placed in Ghost World, now can not attack and use abilities.
• Ability to "Boiling Acid" now works correctly with the Defiler.

Scout, Mystic

• Significantly change the talents, milestones, and racial ability classes. Talents and milestones are reset.


• Bonus to the damage of Patron now extends from beings caused by a spell "Help Nature".


• The effect of depletion of the ability of "Healing Touch" is now not removed ability to neutralize the effect of reducing the rate of movement (eg, the ability of Patron "The Power of Freedom").
• Ability to "Ray of Light" now works correctly with the ability to "Prayer".
• Ability to "punishing sword" is now applied, starting from a distance of 8 meters to the target, and, like all weapon skills, ignores the effects of silence.
• Ability to "Sword of Justice now reduces the cooldown abilities" punishing sword "at 15/30 percent and preparation time to 0.5 / 1 second, depending on rank.
• Time to prepare the ability to "Sword of Justice" now decreases with its rank.
• Ability to Temple-orcs "Beat The Punisher" no longer reduces the energy of the enemy.


• Ability to "instantly shot now has a training 0,5 seconds.
• Fixed the ability to "Die Hard", which led to increased weaning received health at the end of its validity.
• Ability to "Fury" no longer removes the opportunity to accumulate Combat advantage. The recovery time has changed the ability to 90/60 seconds to 120/60 seconds, depending on rank.
• Ability to Concussion Attack "is now definitely stun the target. The recovery time skill changed 35/30/25 to 40/35/30 seconds to seconds, depending on rank.
• Ability "Tara" is now surely stun the target. The recovery time skill changed 35/30/25 to 40/35/30 seconds to seconds, depending on rank. Lasts "Stunning" is changed from 3/5/7 to 4/5/6 seconds, respectively.



• Subject of "Treetop hard metals will no longer reduce the resistance of divine intervention.
• Increased level of heads of factions. Now Aydenus and Yasker have 45 levels.
• rivals in the arena now, you can select by pressing Tab.
• All types of bank safes can now be thrown out.
• carved stones used in the performance of tasks of local history, will now disappear immediately after use.
• Now, after talking with the heads of factions, and Aydenusom Yaskerom, you can get rid of the knife Cultist. The knife did not take the job after the "Fatal key" and "Key to the City of Demons".
• Rare monsters, sometimes appearing on the zones now appear more random places.
• Monsters, character younger than five levels or more, now will not leave the mining, except mining, required for the task.
• Monsters are now able to change the target in the prosecution.
• Players who are in the raid, but are in different groups, no longer considered to be enemies in the arena.
• Fixed a bug where it was possible to lose skill points if you leave the game immediately after the start-up adventure, not distributing them.
• Fixed a bug where character level might have been dumped at the exit from the game immediately after the start of adventure.
• There have been redeployed rates of resistance to different types of magic to the subjects. Now the form of resistance depends on the type of object, and the number - from the quality and level. Exceptions are objects in the left hand, they also give resistance and, unlike other items of different types. In general, the new system of finite character of resistance to magic will be distributed more evenly, and the ability to collect high protection to certain of its species will be lower.
• caused Eaters Sparkles done increased by 5%. The damage inflicted by the next-door friends, under the influence of the effect of "Hate" increased fivefold. Fixed bug with removing the effects of "empathetic relationship" with Eater sparks. The effect of "empathetic relations will now apply only after the fighting began. Fixed description of the effects of "empathetic Contact" and "empathetic connection".
• It is now the subject of Amulet of true faith, necessary to perform tasks for the Secret World, you can remove from the bag character. To complete the story tasks in the absence of an amulet you can get it again, after talking with the Great zealots in Eldzhune.


• Subject "Whirlpool spicy salty" necessary for the job "Valuable resources Seaver, can now be stacked up to 5 pieces in a single cell.
• Players Empire faction, died in Seaver, now will resurrect in the capital of his faction.
• Preparation of a rich copper ore will no longer climb at the refusal of the job "copper fever".
• Documents the rebels, who falls in Nazar Kryukov, now will not fall after the date of the job "Plans rebels."
• Now, after the death of about Bone plain character will resurrect in Ostrog.
• Now, after the death of tiger in the valley of the character will resurrect in Gravsteyne.

New Earth

• Now, after falling in the Astral, in some parts of the zone character will resurrect in Novograd.


• Perfume appearing in the course of the ritual in terms of Witch, now will not attack the twin Mystery, even if it was put after the start of the ritual.

Plague-stricken Castle

• Reduce the frequency of use of the Guardians Valirskogo Castle skill "crushing blow".


• Increase the number of heaps of earth, of which mushrooms are produced excavation for the job "Valuable resources Tenebry.
• Now the quest reward "Spider" are items that are suitable to all classes.
• Now, after falling in some Western Astral redistribution character will resurrect in the Summer estate.


• In place of resurrection, located in the outskirts of Nezebgrada appeared trader myrrh.


• «A refreshing potion" Pagans no longer removes the character effect of "slowing", derived from termites.
• «A refreshing potion" Pagans no longer removes the effect of character "viscous mucus, derived from slugs.
• paralyzing saliva used by termites, does not affect the regeneration of energy and mana.
• o'-lantern now have a 20-21 level.

Northern Bridgehead

• The rank and file, who must be killed for the job "Symbol Reds now have 11 levels.

Dead Sea

• Omitted PvP flag a sting steppe, which must be derived from the mine during the quest "Save the heiress.
• Now for the murder of the Desert Scorpion will not give reputation faction freeborn.
• Assignment "The new portal is now available from the sixteenth level.
• Luxurious desert centipede is now hostile to the player.
• Black Obelisk ZEM is now available for reuse immediately after the previous one.
• Around the Big Dome appeared path, which will simplify access to the generator for the job Hawks Yaskera.
• SS Great Dome are now level 18-19.

Great Dome

• Flaming elementals caused Iaver Shah, will now disappear when the restoration of their vitality.

Wild Islands

• Fixed a bug where a character who died after falling in the Astral under the effects of speed, raised in the capital of the faction.
• Monsters Strangler, Palash, simpleton, appearing in the job-match, will now disappear after giving up the job.


• Added enhanced monsters: Steppe boar, mothers magician League, mothers and mothers League scout soldier League.
• Timing in the performance of the job "training Yaskera now will not start when taking the job, but after entering the pavilion.


• When assignments "Astral fishing" and "Astral fangs" use of canines now counts all team members.
• Using astral canines during the quest "good catch" will now count all team members.


• Magic stick mantissa needed for the job "Drops and staffs, now falling, and with storm elementals.
• Subject Report Bertil de Plyui required for the job, now is not for sale.

Splinter Yazesa. PvP competitions to demonic Arena of Death.

• Completely redesigned Arena of Death. Arena increased in size. Activities at the scene will take place during the week once a day at 21:00 and twice a day at weekends: 17:00 and 21:00 Moscow time. To get to the arena to speak to a special NPCs, located in the factional camps. Just around the arena itself is also a character teleported into the arena. The player will be a powerful incentive not only to participate in the battle, but overpower the enemy and become a winner. For now the hero of the battle will be able to get an award one of the three caskets with the remarkable, rare and legendary items.

There are three new characters that run into the arena. One camp in the league, the other in the camp of the empire. And the third - a neutral, near the arena. There are so-called tickets entitling enter the arena. They are distributed as follows: in the camps for 40 tickets, and a neutral character - 15. Accordingly, the total number of entrants into the arena: 95 people.
For tickets from the neutral character will have to sweat as the number of tickets will be neutral to determine superiority in the arena for the faction. And, accordingly, more chests can be put.
At the scene will appear trunks with different quality items in them. If, for some time a chest no one picked it turns into an aggressive monster attacking players.


• Lakes lizards 30-level now also be counted in the quest, "The lake monster.
• Advocates of the League, appearing in the quest, "Strange things, now hostile to the player.
• In the quest reward "Heart of the Demon" will now be given a necklace, suitable to all classes.
• As a reward for the quest, "Sabotage" will now be issued gloves, suitable to all classes.
• Assignment "Secret Cultist" now has the correct label of a unique job.
• NPCs required to perform tasks for the capture and defense outposts, will now appear in the tents. Depending on the faction that has taken the job will run special characters that will give the job to capture outposts.

Plateau Koba

• The effect of the anomalies "Exhaustion" now reduces the regeneration of energy in half, but does not disable it completely.
• The effect of the "evil eye" is no longer consuming power of the enemy.
• Fixed errors related to the motion on the presence of a character's effect on the anomalies.
• Increased level of uniform items, received a reward for meeting the targets on reputation with factions zone.

Holy Land

• The level of factional custody lowered to 28. At the port level detention increased to 42.
• Disputes necessary to perform the job for a third-rank the ability to "Stare" will no longer fall from the Grib-giant.

City Demons

• The player who conquers City Demons, will be able to challenge the formidable enemy - the rebellious hadaganskomu Great Magoo Gurluhsoru. The hero gets into a mysterious place - private rooms of the Grand Gurluhsora, where the face is already familiar enemy: the need to fight with himself and his many doubles. There will be a lot of character and will need to destroy all to get the prize and become initiated into the Great Mystery.
• Now, after removing the barrier to the depths and out of the game barrier will not appear again, his condition persists.
• Monsters Zloboglazy located singly, now also immune to the effects of control.

Splinter Hypatia

• Reduced the time of the resurrection ogres and wild boar.
• Teleport Stone can now be used only on the ruins of Hypatia, and can not be used in combat.
• Added a new daily task "Island Invasion", available at the concierge of Destiny.
• To perform the job "Transparent please Krasnobaya" murder ghostly creatures counted only if the effect on the character "Phantom Plan".
• Now, in case of failure of the job "punishment" are not captured by the favorite characters.
• Fixed a bug where if the quest, "Contrary to the way" Orcs are not skirmishers attacked Ghost eater.
• Displaced Astral Eater required for the job "Island Invasion." Now he is on the similar task of the island.

Juno Temple

• Now in the Temple of Juno from the last boss you can get rare (purple) trophies.


Shipboard Equipment

• The balance of power devices ship changed: work boards, goblins, repairmen and visor browser does not lead to heating of the reactor, because the device does not need energy. Accessibility visor, however, will continue to consume energy.
• Motors vehicles consume a small amount of energy at the first and second gear, and the third - in full. Thus, the ships will be able to actively maneuver in battle.
• Engines astral ships were afterburner mode, which increases the maximum speed by 2 times, but any incoming damage automatically disables this mode.
• It became easier to get on the astral monsters. Now the guns have astral sight, but luchemety automatically induces the target, if it is at a slight angle.
• Fixed performance opportunities visor "Hub Crawl". Now it displays a map of monsters in the current hub.
• The scanner navigator now envision ways to neighboring hubs.
• Upon completion of astral ship does not necessarily immediately give it a name, you can call him at any other time available.
• The winners of astral PvP-battles between ships of the warring factions would get a reward wrecks - wreck. They will be found necessary number of boards for repair.
• Players will now be more attentive to the choice set of shields on ships. Shields are amply recovered slowly. Boards with a smaller margin of safety be restored soon.
• Each island or astral astral treasure guarded by only one astral monster. In the astral treasures protected monsters, increased the number of necessary repair materials.
• The map appeared for the signature hole, indicating the sector in which they lead.

Astral island and treasures

• astral traveler, who beat the final boss, with 100% probability tary get rare purple trophies.
• Damage from some astral monsters, which falls on the ship's hull, now partially absorbed by the ship's shields. Revision of the attacking spell from astral monsters: except for some monsters have no more than two spells.
• There are new astral Islands: Wolves and turned the island. You are waiting for the battle with new bosses and, of course, new rewards.
• Existing astral island partially altered, improved terrain. In the final boss on the astral islands appeared intermediate bosses prey with which the ship's equipment.
• Fixed a bug that allowed to receive the award from the astral chests in the hangar to the player who was not involved in their production.


• Fixed a bug where the character died in the infirmary could not have it as resurrection.
• When you exit the game with a character will disappear effect "mode equipment, which allows to convert the ship.
• When you exit the game while operating a vehicle with an astral character will disappear effect "engineer".
• When taking a goblin character movement speed is now increased.

new shop curios

• Increase the number of cells in the bag and the bag Conqueror conqueror Astral. Now these, 54 and 48 cells, respectively. Price has not changed.
• Now Adamantinovy set for engraving can be done in a matter of great slot for runes. In a large nest can put runes from first to 13th grade level.
• Added new items:
Casket patronage. The special box for the fifth stage of patronage. Contains 10 to 50 Saints characters. Gathering 10000 holy character, the character gets an emblem of the Great Protector! It is possible for her to obtain the latest and the best level of protection!
Jewel. From this box, you can get 5 astral lapis lazuli, 5 astral topaz or 5 astral chrysolite. These gems are required to complete special assignments "Path of the Warrior", "The Wizard Way", "Path Priest", "Mystic Path", "Path Necromancer", "Path Templar, Scout Path," Path Pagans. After completing this task, the character gets an additional milestone development for the character.
Coolant. A recent invention, deservedly earned popularity all astral researchers. It reduces the heating of the reactor at 500 units.
Ship crystal. Quick and effective way to replenish your team with new adventurers. Allows you to call on board a character that is on teleport device in the hangar. The condition for triggering - at least four people on board.
License to rename the ship. Allows you to rename once your astral vehicle.
Dear Goblin. Solves a very common problem of the world Sarnaut: access to mail, bank and auction at any point, except this will teleport to the desired location, as well as buys and sells any items Mirra. With close to a character appears Dear Goblin, which provides all these services. With goblin courier may interact only player that caused it! Lifetime goblin 10 minutes.
Purse with dzhunskimi coins. When opening removes the time to reload Stone Travelers and issued 10 dzhunskih coins. Using Stone Traveller, and whether the character dzhunskih coins, stones will not go away to reload, but instead will be spent 1 coin. Koshel appears in the inventory at purchase, but when you open the coins fall into section values in the window character.
Set Traveller. This set shows the objects for a comfortable game for a week. Incense will allow you to use your abilities patron Scrolls knowledge will increase the experience gain from killing monsters by 100%, and the elixir of good luck will increase the critical strike chance in battle. By purchasing this kit, you get all the items included in it, 25% discount.
Wallet for 500 pieces of crystal chips.
Ink. The inks are required to create new records on the bulletin board. Ink appear in the inventory when purchasing and using the fall in the value section in the window character.
Recommendations of the master of the second level. A simple way to become a master of all trades! Study rollout guaranteed access to any second profession at the corresponding masters.
Recommendations of the master of the third level. A simple way to become a master of all trades! Study rollout guaranteed access to any third profession at the corresponding masters.
Great helmet and Grand Patron of the demonic helmet. Located in the Style section / image. Replaces the look-equipped helmet.
• Remove the trunks:
Steel Chest
Mithril trunk
Adamantinovy trunk

Errors will be corrected in future updates
In the calendar, there is no sorting.
Possible errors with Racial class talent mysticism and scout

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