budoucí patch 1.1.01

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budoucí patch 1.1.01

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Zde menší přehled z ruského fóra (přeloženo googlem do en ...)

Update "Victory Day" [29.04.2010]

New Zone - Dream Factory
• Players of the Empire, the age of 22 the level of development, there is a new area - Dream Factory, where they will participate in the creation of mobile history. This is a new ideological tool of the Committee Nezeba, based on the opening brothers Lyumer, allowing for ever to fix the situation. Take part in the creation of full-scale epic that tells of the exploits of the great Yaskera during the war with the League!


• The most valuable during the war - rare moments of leisure. It is this mind of the authorities of the Empire and the League, organizing May Day celebrations. Everyone can find in the capitals of his faction, and entertainers to join the festivities. You are waiting for deeds to the glory of his country, trips to nature with indispensable kebabs and congratulatory speeches Aydenusa and Yaskera. Active participation in the buffet dinner is rewarded with valuable presents.

Nourish and Runes
• purse with Crystal crumbs and golden dust now unpacked immediately.
• Runes of the first level is no longer tied to the character.
• Added a warning about possible damage and loss of already existing in the subject runes while trying to replace the runes in the subject.


• Now, after receiving 3 and 6 degrees, which is available examination mount character, features horse will be displayed properly.


• Added animation appeal horse, dismounting and raising mount.
• Now, after exceeding the limit on the number of full-time racer kormezhek its scale experiment will be painted in red.
• mounts obtained during the quest, "The important goods" and "Express delivery" for the Empire and the League, respectively, now have characteristics in accordance with 5 levels of development.

• Now, after installing the update will show a dialog box asking to delete the installation files for updates.

Shop curios
• Tags will now hang over the characters in 30 seconds, and over, there are 10 minutes.
• Range of Stalls rarity in the section Events added fireworks and costumes for the May festivities.
• Added a new tab in the message box Emotions, allowing quick access to emotions. On the tab in the form of buttons placed emotions, which are used in the game.
• In the guild button appears that allows to add any player from the guild to the list of friends.
• Now on the character icon is displayed, informing them of his class.
• Now items issued as a reward for completing the task will not be highlighted in red, if the character is in battle.
• In the mail now displays the current page number and total number of pages.
• Now when you hover over a subject will show the time to re-use of this subject.
• The interface group / squad an opportunity to test the readiness of all participants. This feature is available to the group leader. All players who are in a group / unit, will appear a window where you can confirm the willingness to adventure.
• In the communication is a new tab, allowing to use emotions, choosing the appropriate button.
• Now, when trying to retrieve the runes with print extracts will not issue an error message informing about the possible loss of the runes on checkout.
• Now you will not be spent Mirra Pressing the characteristic for charging her a bonus of patronage.
• Now, during the dialogue with NPCs, issuing job assignments in the text will be displayed their initial level.
• Restored of the automatic allocation target character in the attack on him. Up to 100m distance increased, which remains the allocation target.


• Milestones in the development, which become available after the new character level, you can now get only from their class teacher.
• All the characters added new poses, which they take long before the transition to the regime "AFC".

• Effect "Muteness" obtained using a Priest ability "Silence", is now cleared like other effects of "Silence".

• Ability to "punishing sword can now be applied to the target, located no closer than 10 meters from the character.
• Racial spell elf Paladins "Beat Paladin" imposes on goal temporary effect, lowering the rate
treatment by 50%

• Fixed a bug whereby after using the Wizard ability to "Firewall" other skills for a time became available.
• Ability to "Firewall" is no longer stops the goal, but depending on the rank reduces the speed of its movement for 40, 60 and 80 percent respectively. The ability to have recovery time for 5 seconds.

• Ability to "weakness" has been replaced by a new ability to "Ghost World". Allows you to send the opponent to another world where he can not communicate with the living itself out of reach for them.
• Ability to "Dark Genius" is now depending on the rank increases Reason for 3, 6 and 9 per cent.
• Ability to "cold calculation" now depending on the rank increases intuition and wisdom for 3, 6 and 9 per cent.
• Ability to "alarmist" Now, depending on rank, not only reduces the cooldown on Fear, but also increases the range of its action on 20, 40 and 60 per cent.
• Ability "Shield of Blood now depending on the rank is 6, 8 or 10 charges, each of which increases the rate Necromancer armor by 8%.
• The accumulated effects of "Ecstasy poisoner will no longer reset when using Necromancer different spells.

• Ability to "smoke screen" and obtained by its use of effects have the same name.
• The description of the skills "fire arrows" added information that the effect of the boom can stack up to three times.
• The description of the skills "Steel Balls" added information on the duration of effect.
• Ability to "Quiet" is now depending on the rank reduces aggressive attitude towards the objective character of 7, 14 and 20 percent, and does not eliminate it completely.

• Health indicators Ghost Killer ", which appears when you use the same name spells reduced by 50%.
• The effect that Mystic has given to friends by using the ability of "Lights of the mind", will now fade after the game.
• Now would not come up with an active PvP flag twin during the use of spells, triggers their comrades.

• Spell "Get now works for, located behind the character.
• Raso class spell kaniyskih Gentiles "frightens" is now cleared when using effects that cancel control.
• Bonus inflicted injuries received from patronage, will now extend to twins pet appearing when using the spell "Help Nature".
• The indicator of vitality and energy pet will no longer disappear when you use spells "Help Nature".


• Scrolls, which enables it to second class and issued a reward for meeting the targets, now attached to a character with the appearance in the bag.
• Reduced the amount of experience obtained in the murder of guards at the ports of both factions.
• Runes of the first level can now be purchased from dealers in runes in the capitals of the faction.
• In the dialog box Goblin servants now specifies the cost of converting the accumulated fatigue experience.
• For the murder of prison, located near the cemetery on location Asee-Teph, Eldzhun and Plateau Koba, will not be charged experience.
• Number of experiences obtained for the victory over one way or another creature, now depends on its security features.

• The tower Aydenusa appeared trader uniforms for melee classes. The deal between the character and this trader is only possible if there is a friendly reputation with the faction of the League of Advocates.

• Fixed a bug in setting the "Origin of the Undead", it impossible to reuse the trunk, if the first attempt fails.
• The leader of the tribe of Tiger Claw "now has the correct icon boss, rather than a monster.
• Subject of broken bone, which can be found in mining in the quest, "Bones for the guard, now is not marked as" necessary for the job. "

• Set "The Island Tenebra" is now available to level 20.
• Gray wolves that live near the coast and in the Astral fanged woods, now have 18 or 19 level.

Plague-stricken castle
• Svetlana Valirskaya now, as before, will fly around the room, rather than flying up to the players, being in a coffin.

New Earth
• Now go back to Seaver, you can use dzhunskih ruins on the astral plane.

• Twilight vampire will now appear only when a lantern during the quest, "The Light Warlock".
• Increased the amount of flickering lights needed for the job "Lantern Warlock".
• Reduced time to re-use of all the lights in the zone.

• Now, in case of failure of the job "decals embroidery will be taken away.

Dead Sea
• Now if the quest, "Freedom for free-" characters will not be stuck in a cage.
• Necessary for the job "Royal pen" items will now fall to each separately.
• Fixed an area-based job Awards SRI MANANAZEM "in the journal assignments.

• Negative effect of "gravity", which was endowed with a character in the job "Naval", now is not removed after death.
• Fixed a bug where it was difficult to use Astral sparker with a mouse.
• Now if there is a negative effect on the character "paralyzing poison, overlay sand scorpions, you can not pick up their prey.
• Increase the remuneration for the job "sworn enemies of the Institute MANANAZEM.
• Increased level of exorcists and servants Tap necessary to specify the "Servant of Tap.

Wild Island
• Now, after the death when jumping in Astral on the island of combat units will not resurrect in Nezebgrade.

Holy Land
• Now, murder by the mother Custodian of the Empire will go to the counter job "Keepers of the Empire.
• The refusal of the job "Dirty problem" will be withdrawn Archaeological cleaner, obtained during the quest.
• The deadly Banshee, kill during the quest "The deadly tomb", will count the one who used the facility.
• Dialogue "Ask a new label to capture the places of power" by Esther de Dazire will now be available only after taking the job "front line".

• squirrel ears needed for the job "squirrel threat" can now be stored in a single cell in quantities up to 10 pieces.
• Now the killing of all series of the Empire, including those who are sitting, is a computer job "Death of an Imperial".
• Assignments for 4 levels of patronage are now available at level 30.

Plateau Koba
• Near the portal, located in Shelter prospector, appeared Postman.
• Assignment Problems ZEM "added marker indicating the location of the delivery job.
• Now, manganese, necessary for the job "Cleaning Stone, and falls from basalt Elemental.

Dragon Ring
• Now the task "Repair ship: Ring of the Dragon" will be sunken after killing Drake.

Splinter Yazesa
• Now, when depositing the job "Key to the City of Demons" is taken sacrificial knife cultists.
• Now, after visiting the Gateway City Demons outfit cultists, equipped on your character will stop its influence on the reputation of the demons.

City Demons
• Now, after defeating the first five bosses, you can open access to the tower Gurluhsora. In it you will meet with one of its guards - Bloody Eye.
• Negative effect of "evil eye", which give character Zloboglazy, can now be removed with special skills, dropping magic effects.

Splinter Hypatia
• Now use the magic of the stele is possible only if the job "Return curse.
• Now when you exit the game task "The first trick will be sunken.
• Dreamlike flowers can now be used only for the job "What plotted League?".
• Assignment "What plotted League?" Simplified for a fraction of the Empire. The jacket, which must be brought to task, replaced by a cheaper option.
• Now being call during the quest "Evolution or Creation, disappears after the death of the character.
• White flowers can now be used only for the job "old recipe".
• sandals from birch twigs needed for the job "hot property" can now be thrown out of the bag.
• Now, after teleporting to splinter Hypatia at falling character does not get hit.
• Now you can not be used during the battle teleportation stone, which allows to get to splinter Hypatia.


• Isle of the Dead has changed, now it will be more spacious and interesting. Fixed a bug related to the restoration of vitality sparks Eaters during the battle.
• Fully updated other astral island. Their number remained the same, but they significantly reworked: removed the most unfortunate in terms of gameplay locations and instead added new ones. Remote island some time to return to the Astral, but in a completely different capacity.
• Changes to the mechanics of the appearance of islands in the sector. Regardless of the other players and their number of your vehicle gets its own set of islands. With this you can see on the scanner only their island, but in the game world and the map to see all of the island. On such islands, for other ships, landing impossible.
• Injuries received from some of the creatures in the astral plane, will now be exposed directly to the hull, rather than shields.
• Now, after the death in the astral plane during the execution of tasks, training management astral vehicle, the character will resurrect in a hangar.
• Astral travelers Athanasius Nikita and Fedor Konyuhin located at the Academy in the capitals of the factions, will now be once a day to give a random assignment, leading to one of the four islands.
• Increase the number of "astral treasures", derived from damaged ships, drifting in the astral plane. They will provide more materials for the restoration of the body, thereby reducing the cost of repair.
• Fixed a bug where it was impossible to carry out the task "Repair ship: Symbol of Victory" after the completion of the job "Accelerating the construction: the symbol of victory."

• Devices are now divided on the quality not only functional but also visually.
• Time destruct the ship increased from 10 seconds to one minute.
• Now fly to the astral plane on a ship under repair is impossible.

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