World mysteries - Lost Homeland

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World mysteries - Lost Homeland

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The Lost Homeland (Gibberlings Questline)
Reward: 1 Rubi
Part 1

1) “The Crashed Ship”

Task: A astral ship crashed nearby. Salvage what you can.
Ship is near the shore to the southwest of Novograd. Collect a plank from the wreckage.

2) The Missing Scout

Task: Find the missing scout that was last seen headed towards Oreshek.
Scout’s body is found in Oreshek to the left of the entrance near the troll boss.

3) Sad News
Task: Report your findings to the emcampment outside.
Return to the League Encampment outside the fortress and talk to the leader.

4) “Fate of the Gibberlings”
Task: Report to the Gibberling leader in Novograd.
Head to the Gibberling District of Novograd.

Part 2

1) Secret Intelligence
Task: Travel to Gravestein and talk with my contact.
Travel to Gravestein in Siveria

2) Fighting “Rheumatisn”
Task: Find an undead ichor.
Get an ichor from the nearby undead and return.

3) Phantom Mail
Task: Trap the spirit of owls and return.
Use the item given to you to trap the spirits of owls and return.

4) On the trail of “Glaz”
Task: Travel north and find Glaz.
As above.

5) “The Latest News”
Task: Travel to the Cape of Good Hope and deliver the information.
As above.

Part 3

1) “The Garden”
Task: Travel to Shaggy Island and collect seeds.
Collect 5 immature, mature and over ripe seeds and return.

2) Papanov Expedition
Task: Travel to Cold Island and the burning ale.
Deliver the keg of burning ale.

3) Troll Ruins
Task: Travel to the Troll Ruins and find out how the trolls have survived the cold.
Collect the idol in the Troll Ruins.

4) The Ice Artifact
Task: REturn to base camp and deliver the idol to Fidget
As above.

5) Meeting with the Dragon
Task: Travel to Nordheim Island and find the dragon.
Find the dragon’s spirit inside the cave on Nordheim Island.

6) History of the Drake
Task: Listen to the Dragon’s Story.
As above.

7) The Great Contract
Task: Let the dragon finish communicating with Fidget.
As above.

8] The Third Seal
Task: Defeat the guardian and deactivate the third seal.
Using the buff that you got from the spirit travel further into the cave and find the guardian golem and defeat it so you can take the third seal back to Fidget.

9) The Seed of the Great Tree
Task: Travel to Darkwater to the Great Tree.
As above.

Part 4

1) For the benefit of the Great Tree
Task: The slugs are destroying the Great Tree..
Defeat 10 slugs and Fatso and return to the Guardian.

2) Restless Swamp
Task: Kill the fungi in the area.
Kill 15 Bog Fungi.

3) War on the Termites
Task: Kill termites in the area east of the settlement.
Kill 5 warrior and 10 Worker termites and their queen.

4) Renegade Druid
Task: Travel into the termite mound.
Kill the renegade druid inside the termite mound and destroy 20 termite eggs.

5) “The Viper”
Task: Travel to the northern camp and defeat the viper on the bridge.
Big snake on bridge to the north. Soloable for most.

6) The Holy Mission
Task: Remove the taint from the unicorns.
Like most quests I’m guessing that you use the quest item once the unicorns get to a certain percentage of health to make th ekilling blow whie you cleanse them.

7) The Profound Soul
Task: Convey the message from the soul to the priest.
The soul of the viper I guess.. go back to the settlement.

8] The Last Condition
Task: Kill Adrian the prince of the undead.
Travel into Castle Blight and kill the 2nd boss.

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