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World mysteries - Great Game

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The Great Game (Elven Questline)
Reward: 1 Ruby
Part 1

1) Invitation from the Elves

Task: Visit the elves of Novograd
Go to the Elven district of Novograd and talk to the head elf.

2) In Search of the Elven Wizard

Task: Find the elven wizard
Go to south to the Birchwood Forest and find the “rebel” that will give you information about the wizard.

3) Bandit’s Story
Task: Return to Novograd
Take the bandit’s story back to the elven leader in Novograd.

4) In Search of the Elven Wizard
Task: Travel to the Quarry in the south to search for the wizard.
Go to the quarry and talk to a captive to learn the location of the wizard.

5) Captive’s Story
Task: Return to Novograd
Go to the Elven district of Novograd and talk to the head elf.

6) “Clueless”
Task: Travel to the western docks and talk to the Gibberling family there.
Talk to the Gibbs are the western dock.

7) Astral Gift
Task: Collect astral crystals for the Cloudy Family.
Collect 10 astral crystals in the area and return to the Cloudy family.

8] Imperial Threat
Task: Report to the Security Council
Report to the Security Council in the Trade District of Novograd.

9) “Leader of the Guard”
Task: Talk to Izbor
Go to the top of the tower in Novograd and talk with Izbor.

10) Winning at Any Cost
Task: Report to League Field Headquarters
Report to the encampment for further instructions.

Part 2

1) Elf Salvation
Task: Rescue the elven wizard in Oreshek
Defeat the 4 mages and the mage boss that spawns in Oreshek.

2) Path to Freedom
Task: Escort the wizard to the entrance of Oreshek
As above

3) Elven Reward
Task: Return to Pierre
Return to Novograd and talk to the head elf in the elven quarter.

4) Delicate Mission
Task: Talk with Ivan in Darkwater
Travel to Darkwater to talk with Ivan.

5) “Venomous Invasion”
Task: Kill poisonous spiders and adders
Kill 10 spiders and snakes on the south edge of the village.

6) “missing mechanic”
Task: Find the person
Using the marker on your map find the missing person.

7) Astral Amber
Task: Collect Astral Amber and return
Travel to the water to the southwest and collect 12 pieces of Amber.

8] Living Water
Task: Wash the amber in the living water.
Travel to the living spring to the east and wash 6 pieces of amber in its waters.

9) Dead Water
Task: Travel beyond the ruins and wash the remaining amber in the pool of dead water. You must also defeat the pool’s guardian.
Rinse the last 6 pieces of amber in the pool and kill it’s guardian.

10) Cowardly Merchant
Task: Slay “unknown” mobs.
Kill off the unknown mobs in the area around the northern bridge.

11) Last Hope
Task: Meet with an artisan elf
Travel to the map marker.

12) “Unsuccessful Act of Creativity”
Task: Wait for the elf to complete his act.
The act will fail and you’ll end up fighting a monster.

13) Progress Report
Task: Travel to Tenebra.
Talk to Christophe in Tenebra

Part 3

Location: Siveria

1) “Tracking the Fugitive”
Task: Talk to Federick at the Cape of Good Hope
Travel to the Cape and talk to the above person.

2) Search for the Fugitive
Task: Search the necropolis for the elven traitor
Travel to the south of the Cape into the mountains where you’ll find a path overlooking the Orc encampment. At the end of the path you’ll find the fugitive.

3) Word of Honor
Task: Return to Fredrick in the Cape with the token.
Travel back to the Cape.

Part 4

Location: Tenebra
This part begins when you collect questgiving letter from one of vampires.

1) The Traitor
Task: Take the letter to the NPCs
Once the letter is collected take it to the nearby NPC camp.

2) The White Lie
Task: Travel to the Summer Farm and talk to Raymond.
Follow the marker on the map to the farm.

3) The Nursery of Darkness
Task: *Timed Quest* Kill for of the target mob in 4 minutes and return
Sounds like you use the quest item on the required mobs and return within 4 minutes.

4) The Vampire Hunt
Task: Hunt Vampires in the Citadel of Darkness
Enter the Citadel of Darkness and kill 10 of the Elite Vampires.

5) Proof of Humanity (o Proof of Innocence)
Task: Bring 3 Vampire Heads to the quest giver.
Quest starts on the stairs inside the Citadel of Darkness up a set of stairs near the entrance.

6) Help the Siren
Task: Help the siren and thus yourself against Armando
Travel to the chapel and defeat the shadow so that the siren will talk with you.

7) The Audience
Task: Talk with Margaruerite
Talk with the above NPC

8] Find the Ally
Task: Travel into the castle and find out who the vampire’s ally is.
As above.

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