World mysteries - Kanian Rebellion

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World mysteries - Kanian Rebellion

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The Kanian Rebellion
Reward: Additional Class Ability
Part 1

Location: Lightwood

1) The Rebel Letter

Task: Take the letter back to Novograd
Make sure to click on the letter in your inventory and accept the quest. Take the letter back to the security council in the Trade District of Novograd

2) Forest Caches
Task: Use the Signal Beacon to mark 5 hidden caches.
Search the forest south of Novograd for the hidden caches. A mob spawns each time you mark a cache.

3) Meeting an Agent
Task: Meet with Andre in the Hunter’s Camp
The hunter’s camp is to the south east of Novograd.

4) Proven Methods
Task: Kill werewolves.
Slay 15 werewolves to the south of the hunter’s camp.

5) The Challenge
Task: Challenge the werewolf leader to a duel
Talk to and defeat the werewolf leader.

6) The Fight
Task: Return to the security council
As above return to the Trade District of Novograd

Part 2

1) Die Hard
Task: Use the repair kit to repair 3 catapults.
To the south of Oreshek use the given repair kit to repair 3 of the catapults. Mob spawns once you repair.

2) The Key Tower
Task: Defeat 5 Rebel troops
Travel to the middle of the watchtowers and use the stealth detection item in your inventory which spawns 3 mobs at a time. Kill 5 to complete the quest (don’t worry about the 5 minutes that the quest says to “hold the tower”)

3) Victory Banner
Task: Place the victory banner in a central location to notify the troops.
Gather the banner and the “plans” from the tents next to the last boss of Oreshek. Return to the entrance of the instance and go up the steps of the tower and place the banner.

4) The Rebel Plans
Task: Return the plans to the security council.
Return to the Novograd Trade District.

Part 3

Location : Siveria

1) “The Postal Worker”
Task: Escort the postal worker to the nearby dock.
After killing the orc shaman to get the postal worker to flag the quest escort the worker down to the dock while fighting through the hostile water folk.

2) “Deliver the letter”
Task: Take the letter to Gravestein
Take the letter to a Gibberling family in Gravestein

3) “Defeat Rebels”
Task: defeat an equal number of rebel wizards and fighters in the nearby camp.
Travel to the north of Gravestein and slay rebels. Return to Gravestein

4) “Locate informant”
Task: Travel to the seiged settlement to find the location of the scout/informant
Travel up river to the next quest hub. Quest turnin tells you to tavel to the northwest into the Cannibal camp and find the scout.

5) “Location revealed”
Task: Return to the seiged stronghold to talk to the questgiver again. He tells you to head to the northern shores and find the kidnapped person.
To the north beyond the skeleton mobs is a path that takes you to a rebel landing. Get on the ship and defeat the captain who will have the key to the cage.

6) “Tell about the rescue”
Task: Travel to the Cape of Good Hope to tell them that you rescued the noble’s son.
As above.

7) Gold of the Damned
Task: Travel to the temple and find the treasure.
Enter the temple and defeat the first “boss”. Behind him is the treasure. Return to the Cape.

Part 4

Location: Darkwater

1) Darkwater
Task: Travel to the outpost and talk to a sentry there
Outpost is on the other side of tunnel leading to Darkwater.

2) Fate of the Convoy
Task: Find out the fate of the convoy that was headed to the village around Catle Blight
Follow the path to the east. You can find the convoy on your way.

3) Out of the Frying Pan into the Fire
Task: Defeat the rebels and their leader.
Defeat Rebelious Sorcerors and Vandals + Whistler the leader.

4) The Agitated Swamp
Task: Kill treants
Kill treants to the east of the castle.

5) Thickets in the Fire
Task: Burn termite mounds.
Travel to the east and burn 5 termite mounds.

6) Missing Certificate
Task: Defeat crows to the north.
Kill crows until you retrieve all peices of the certificate..

7) “Impact on the Winged”
Task: Travel to the northwest and defeat 10 warriors and 10 oracles in village.
Kill off the birdmen in the area to complete the quest.

8 ) The White Knight
Task: Defeat champions and rebels and then kill the White Knight
Travel into Castle Blight and slay White Champions and Rebels then proceed to kill the White Knight. This is a group quest.

9) “Family Tree” (Instance Quest)
Task: Travel into Castle Blight and find the family tree to prove that the White Knight wasn’t the rightful ruler.
Located next to the 2nd boss. This isn’t to be confused with the quest of the same name that you get at 18-19.

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