World mysteries - June Magic

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World mysteries - June Magic

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Ancient June Magic

Reward: teleportation stone
1) The Road to Novograd

Task: Follow Amanda through the portal.
As above and talk to the npc on the other side.

2) The Mysterious Stone

Task: Use the Mysterious Stone in your Bag
Walk to the edge of the Allod and use the stone

3) Conversation with Amanda
Task: Travel to the camp and talk to Amanda
Travel to the survivor’s camp and talk with Amanda

4) The Lost Scout
Task: Find the scout in the Twilight Forest
Obtain Mila’s findings

5) Ancient Stones
Task: Retrieve stones from the local ruins.
Pick up 3 stones from near the ruins.

6) Recharing the stone
Task: Use the stone in your bag and recharge it.
Near the crashed ship recharge the stone using the Astral Crystal

7) Mysterious Benefactor
Task: Find the Mysterious Benefactor
Travel though the eastern cave to find the benefactor

8 ) Access Crystal
Task: Retrieve an access crystal
Kill there nearby mobs to get the access crystal

9) The Artifacts
Task: Retrieve 3 artifacts from on board the ship
Pick up the objects from inside chests on the ship. Each is guarded by a mob (Captian, his bear and the navigator)

10) The Ritual
Task: Wait till the benefactor completes the magical ritual.
Wait a few seconds till the ritual completed.

11) Homecoming
Task: Activate the June Ruins to travel home
Use the nearby yellow crystal.

12) The Stone Traveller
Task: Talk to the stone keeper in Novograd
Talk to the portal keeper in the base of the tower inside the city

13) Keeper of Secrets
Task: Talk to the Keeper of Secrets
Climb the stairs to the top of the tower and talk to the Keeper

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