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Dalsi z ruskych patchu. Nejzajimavejsi je asi zmeneny system na Melting Island . Kde, jestli jsem dobre pochopil, hrac bude moci byt pouze 2,5 hodiny denne. A kazda vybrana chestka tento cas zkrati o 10 min, smrt o 3 min.

Update [16.03.2011]
Holidays Sarnauta

In the capitals of the factions, new traders: Colette de Blizar (the main square Novograd, near the arch leading into the elven quarter) and Pauline Ulybkina (on the old square Nezebgrade). The range of goods these merchants has a lot of interesting and useful things.

- The Feast of Patron Rokoita (from 16 to 20 March) to purchase goods will only characters to win the patronage Rokoita.
- The Foundation Day Novograd (21 to 25 March) to purchase goods will only characters that belong to a faction of the League.
- The Hour of Awakening (from 26 to 31 March) to purchase goods will only characters belonging to the race of elves.

Goods can be bought for commemorative coins, and only during the holidays, which will rotate monthly.

Happy Days and Hours

Now, any Saturday or Sunday can be a happy day! On some servers (chosen randomly) a day will double this character experience points, fame, etc. The event is fairly rare, but quite probable.
In addition, during the week may happy hours (unless, of course, it's not a happy day).

A list of bonuses:
- Gain experience for killing creatures;
- A chance to get some production from the monsters;
- Gain experience for performing tasks;
- Receives a monetary reward for performing tasks;
- Get the reputation;
- Earn points Fame;
- Extraction from the defeated creatures;
- Extraction from the chests in the first layer of the astral plane.

Bonuses from the list will not include all at once, and selected randomly. If you hover your cursor over an icon in the lower right corner, you will see a list of active bonuses.

Abilities and skills (colors for the mounts, learned the unique skills, etc.) available to your character, will now be displayed in the "Skills" windows character.
When you try to delete a character that is the head of the guild will now display a message stating that this action at this point is impossible.
In the chat window, a new tab in which to display the guild and a group of channels, as well as detachment.
Work has begun on improving the postal service: the restriction on the maximum number of displayed letters now is 35. To display the remaining letters, enough to remove the excess and have already read.
Now in the window a career in the allocation of skill points and milestones will be prompted to confirm actions performed.
If hot, the Tab key not working, you can fix this by putting the settings of the default interface.

Jubilee costume is divided into two components: the very costume and cape. They can be obtained by using the old style.
Now, instead of knowledge in the trunk of the manuscript will be rookie Tom knowledge.
Non-removable from the mail message can now be erased, but only after they are received from investments.
Fixed bug with random zeroing meter victories in PvP.
The works, aimed at addressing the causes of the fall of the game client with a message about a critical error.
Players are faced with zeroing deposit box and bag will be missing cells in-game mail.

The shop of curiosities
From section potions and elixirs removed all extracts. In the future, extracts appear as a winning referral program, and will meet in a festive awards.
Range of products in the Style section / Underwear enlarged with two new sets of clothes.
In the Style section / Atelier added two new suits and two hats:
Executive suit gibberlingov
National costume gibberlingov
Headwear noble gibberlinga
Gibberlingsky People Headwear


Now when using the skill "Shield of holiness" character, while under the effect of "virus" will not receive the effect of cadaveric poison or expansion.
Fixed bug in connection with which, after using the skill "Shield of holiness" loosed the effect of "Phantom Killer" mysticism, and the killer went on to attack the character.
Now the effect of "sanctity" makes it impossible to attack weapons. Duration of action of the effect was equal to 5 seconds in the first grade, 7 and 10 on the second and third respectively.
The duration of training spells "Cleansing" is no longer dependent on the rank and equal to 1.5 seconds. Recovery time skill in the first rank was equal to 10 seconds, 5 second, and instantly the third.

Fixed a bug which caused skill "elemental shield" does not absorb the damage of the "Wall of Knives" and "Impulse" mysticism.
Impairing effects, which are superimposed on the target when using mage skill "Blizzard" will now stack.
Fixed work skills elven mage "Master Power": now it works as described.

Guardian Necromancer now susceptible to the effects of glare.
An issue for which the effect of restoring blood drop Fever necromancer after his death.
Milestone Development Skill appeal "now affects the healing from a landmark development," Delayed Healing "and" Blood transfusion ", as well as the ability to" Curse of the Warlock. "
Milestone in the development of "infection" now affects a milestone development "Fast Metabolism".

Specified target size in the description of the ability to "Rolling Stone".
When using the skills of "snapshot" and "Double Shot" recovery time now starts counting immediately after the beginning of creation.
The ability to "out of sight" is now valid for 10 seconds, and a milestone development "Stealth" affects the time of his recovery.
Milestone development "Fencing" now affects paired mace.
Using the effect of skill "out of sight" now will not prevent the recovery of energy.
Milestone development "Cat's skill" now reduces the duration of the effect of "focus on shooting."
In describing the ability to "shooting position" specified duration of effect.
The effect of "balls of steel" will be reset when leaving for the game session.
The effect of "pain points" are now stacking up to 5 pieces.

Twin mystique now will not disappear when you use a priest skill "Shield of holiness."
The ability to "Shine Mind now restores mana only to the mystic, not the whole group.
Milestone development "Sovereign Entity" now works as described and reduces damage ghostly killer.
Milestone development "Doubling of force" now affects ghostly killer.
Milestone in the development of "Personal Magnetism" now increases the range of skills to "Impulse", "psychic attack" and the duration of Stun effects, which are superimposed on the target.
Skill suppression will "no longer stun the target, and immobilizes.
Duration of the effect of greed is now reduced to 3 seconds each time taking damage.
In the description of skill "Ghost Killer" the information that he gets more than a mystic himself, damage.
The effect of "Mental fatigue can now add up to a maximum of 5 times.
The ability to "Stress" now works correctly with the effect of the aura of the "astral power."
Application of skill "Hypnosis" on the other character will now raise the flag of war.
When using the skills of "Shake" and "destabilization" damage will be applied before applying the effect of stress.
Healing on the ability to "Correcting the body" will be obtained before applying the effect of stress.

There is a new ability to "electrical connection, which increases the chance to knock the opponent off his feet when using skills" Lightning "and" Flames ". The damage of these abilities has been reduced by 10%.

Using the skills of "punishing sword" will now be interrupted when the effect of vesting control of the character.
The ability to "Vengeance" now adds light damage to 10 attacks over 20 seconds.

Using the skill "Charge" will now be interrupted when the effect of vesting control of the character.


In the capitals of the factions appeared weavers, which can be exchanged for class suits and hats to unique. Class suits and hats can be obtained from the relevant boxes in the shop of curiosities. Find them to be in Elvish quarter Novograd (Antoine de Arder) and the Eye of the World Nezebgrade (Valentin Rubashkin).
In the majority of gaming locations, in factional camps there were "stuffed with which to beat on which you can check the damage your character damage.
Portal network is now united and has no separation of the islands and archipelagos.
Horns obtained from the trunks rookie now tied to the character.
Removed the penalty lowered the flag of war. Now, if the flag is lowered, the resulting experience will be equal to 100%, while the raised - 110%.

Now, when performing tasks, learning the runes, comrades will not be able to assist you in a fight with a bear.
As a reward for the job "Mercy of the Fallen" will now be given an iron chest instead of the distorted steel.

Fixed a bug which caused the list of portals Ilona Kuzina not appear to teleport to the port Eldzhun Takalik.

Assortment of items of equipment received as a reward for performing tasks become harder to meet the requirements of all classes.
In Mizgir appears commerce allows you to purchase items for the performance of its tasks related to regional studies.

Splinter Hypatia
When using the "Mysterious stone and teleport to splinter Hypatia, the character will not receive any damage.
If during the quest, "Conversations with ghosts" in some way the effect of "Phantom of essence" is removed, it can again be obtained by talking to Serafima Radova.
Reduced distance at which can be used Iskrosos 2.0 during the quest, "Do not place the dead among the living."
Fixed a problem because of which when taking the job, "the first trick, the character did not take shape of a serpent, while riding a mount.
Pets Druids and Necromancers in the quest "The first trick" will now disappear.
Fixed a bug which caused during the event "World Peace", the fully filled bag is not obtained a weapon of war debris.
Increased the amount of experience received for killing a boss Moroka Abyss.

An issue which caused characters to journey through the canyons could have died.
The mechanics of the subject Invader. Now, if you use it until the indicator of the health of substance has not reached the desired value, it becomes stronger.
Quest "Ghost Dragon" is now flagged as performed in the unit.
The number of items required on assignments of a collector and a chance of precipitation increased.
Warning appears, informing about the beginning of the activity of "Race". In a chat for 15 minutes prior to and as a message on the screen for 5 minutes.
Now when you hit a character in a whirlwind, it will slow down.
The participants of "Race" will no longer be able to use potions that increase movement speed.

Shadow Island
Increased the number of Demonic executioners and filth peddlers.
Fixed a bug which caused the demons, designed during the quest, "Fangs against magic," were seen not only to the character who called them.
Number Demon fighter needed to perform the job, "Cannon gloomy island, has been increased.

Melting Island
Take part in an adventure on melting island are now only between 16:00 and 24:00. When visiting the island of characters will be endowed with the effect of "Frost" on two and a half hours, which will allow them to stay on the island. After this time the effect subsides, get to the island on that day a player can no longer. When you open the chest for the entire group, which consisted of the character, duration of the effect of "Frost" is shortened by 10 minutes, and after death - in 3 minutes (just near the deceased). Amalgam gets one team is opening the chest. For the discovery of a small chest all receive one unit of amalgam, and the large three. Also altered the likelihood of receiving items in production.

Arena of Death
The effect of "Astral plankton" now will not stay on a character if the game client has been closed by pressing the key combination "ALT" + "F4".
Talisman and Talisman of the Great Mysteries of the Sacred Knowledge is now impossible to use the arena.
Changed functional hit in the arena. Now, no action on the part of the character can not affect the positive result.
Activity will start three times a day, and now at 19:00.

Astral confrontation
Fixed a problem because of which after the battle, its participants could not be obtained by in-game mail amalgam.


With the explosion of bombs, placed Timur Krushininym in astral version of adventure, your character will now be cast at once, without delay.

Completely redesigned and bosses Ugy Ygy in all versions of adventure. They have new skills that positively affect the dynamics of the battlefield, making it more interesting.

The Citadel of Darkness
Fixed an issue due to which the exit of the character in the hallway during a fight with Armand de Duserom, the latter regained their vitality.

Catacombs of Juneau
Increased the amount of damage inflicted dreadful Guardian Catacombs when using skills "discharge."
Auras will now be teleported to a random target, rather than to one who has more aggressive attitude.
Fixed a bug which caused the entire group remained in the room when, during a battle with the final boss is broken connection to the server.

City Demons
Now you can get gold coins, collecting booty after killing bosses adventures (except Sarna and Gurluhsora).
All phases of the boss Bloody Eye now have a duration of 30 seconds.

Cave Tka Rica
All the bosses in the trials are now susceptible to the effects of slowing down. The damage done by crystal-equipped helmet, depends on the Fury, and not on intuition.
Fixed problems that occurred during the test because of the priest skill "Shield of holiness."
In Nihaza servants, who appears intermittently during the passage of the test in a cave, you can now buy Demons of the Iskra unique colors for the mounts.


On Wolf Island appeared the third boss, but to join with him in battle is optional.
Enlarged range of relic jewelry, obtained in the astral plane.
On the island Zavert appeared the third boss, but to join with him in battle is optional.
Now when you try to jump using Astrolabe will appear confirmation box, if time does not confirm its presence, it is quite a jump would deprive the members of the crew left the ship, the possibility of a production of the chests.
Now to go to the neighboring region need to fly through the "astral crater, located on the edge of the region. Each link has its own funnel regions.
Added 2 new types of demons, in addition to the "mother" and "got stronger:" zealous "and" guard ".
Changed behavior of astral demons. Now they move through the region is not accidental, but patrol a vast area.
The damage done by fierce demon-tempter, living in the third layer astral, increased.
Now jump in the other sector will be impossible if there are no objects.
Stones of the same type required for access to the third layer is the Astral, is now changing the stones one at Astral Doors, located in the capitals of the factions.

Corrected visual over-counting the damage inflicted by guns and luchemetami.
Adjusted performance of all the goblins.
When you send a vehicle to park all the characters are at this moment the ship will now move to the entrance of the hangar.
Increased speed of all engines by about 60%.
Now with complete destruction of the engine will run (at a rate of 33% of maximum) and occasionally stall.
Now with complete destruction of the rudder will work, but the turns will be 3 times slower, and it will periodically jammed.
Now, when killing boss Litho on Wolf Island will fall prey.
Increased rates of regeneration of shields "Aegis" and "Guardian". In "Aegis" increased capacity.
Power and capacity of all reactors increased.
In the scanner, two new abilities, one of which allows us to make the ship invisible to the inhabitants of the astral plane, and the second - will automatically route to a particular point.
Reduced the cooling of the reactor "Kid".
Fixed a problem that did not allow to build a ship with a license of the Empire.
Reduced mass of guns Rockot.

Changes in assignments that are intended to enhance the reputation of teachers professions.
Alchemist will need:
- After the tenth level - 5 bottles of weak balsam touch elements;
- After the twentieth - 10 potions of junior guard;
- After the thirties - 10 bottles of Strong Poison;
- After the fortieth - 20 strong potions of Fortitude.
Smith will need:
- After the twentieth level - 5 Leggings darkened plain damask steel.
Now all the items of equipment with quality "junk", obtained by profession, will have only the characteristics of "Armor".

Issues that will be corrected in next update
Does not update the contents of the tooltip of the next rank of skills.
Does not update information in a tooltip when the distribution of milestones of development (before clicking "Explore").
Characters in the unit may not select members of their group by pressing "F2 - F6".
When fitting the wings in the shop of curiosities already equipped with wings last spring is not hidden.

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