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Ano rusove jsou uz dalsi patch pred nami... .D Opet gugl preklad Wink

Update "Shadow Island"
Dear players!

Installation is scheduled for Monday major upgrade to "Shadow Island".
Link for manual download. However, until Monday, you can not update the client.

With content updates you can read right now:


You have to go to Shadow Island - one of the darkest and most dangerous places Misty Lands. Cultists captured another Remnant Yazesa and turned it into a huge astral ship. Huge chains hanging from the edge of the island right in the Astral, serve to harness the powerful demons - Sprutoglavov. Many mysteries stores Shadow Island - you are waiting for the secret cave of TKA-rica and the continued search for Revelation.

All characters, starting with 46 level will have an opportunity of rebirth. For this we need to talk to Veronica Gipatskoy, which can be found on the Isle of Revelation. After that, the main character will be called progenitor, and secondary - the Incarnation.
Embodiment immediately gets 4 levels of development and starts the game, bypassing the starting adventure.

Grandparent and the Incarnation is divided between the following character values:
Mounts (as well as their degree of fullness)
Contents of the tab "Rarity" Bags
Values of Stalls Rarity
The volume of bags and safety deposit box
Runes and resources for them
Patron Favor
Astral ship
If the ancestor had the fifth stage of patronage, the Incarnation will receive it automatically after the fourth. While the Incarnation reaches level 45, it has underestimated by 33% rates of damage done and out of healing. At death 10% of lessons to the next level of experience will be lost.

These limitations can be removed by contacting Mare di Duser in the elven quarter Novograd (for the league) and Sarang Bisanu in the Eye of the World (for the Empire), but this incarnation no longer gain experience. The cost of switching between the grandparent and the Incarnation of 50 gold coins.

Attacking ability mounts are available only after reaching level 45 rebirth. Grandparent and the Incarnation can exchange any one for his ability. Grandparent this feature becomes available only after the Incarnation reaches level 45. Embodiment of one of the skills Grandparent available immediately.

Now all the runes, including "clean", will be stored in the "rarity of your bag.
Now mounts are available from the 4 th level of character development.
The shop of curiosities
Fixed bug in connection with which the active Dragonblight guise it was impossible to use a variety of potions, as acquired in a game store, and alchemy.
Updated assortment of scrolls knowledge and guidance. One increases the gain experience, the second - a reputation and a third - of military glory. Bonus experience will be assessed not only by killing creatures, but at the time of tasks. The effects of the scrolls are not attached to the time they are removed only after the expiry of the limit on bonus available when you use the scroll. Old (bought) the scrolls will work as usual. Buy more of them will not.
A set of linen, which may be not only women but also men
Simplified the process of creating a new character: it is divided arbitrarily into three stages: the choice faction, class, and appearance. Choose the sex of the character may now be randomly when choosing faction, and the identification of class and generation appearance.
Highlighting the important objects when you press the "T" will now be complemented by blinking.
Now when choosing a target when you press the "TAB" effect will be to position the camera.
You can adjust the height of a task list on the right side of the screen.
In the guild interface can now be accessed by clicking on the button that appears in the expandable menu at the bottom left of the screen.
Astral confrontation
Fixed a problem because of which after the assassination of the Great Magician sometimes initiated by the interface of capture of the island.
The award was received in the course of the Astral confrontation, can be used, even not being in the guild.
Effect on the ability of "Rime of Eternity" is now removed the ability to Patron "Willpower."
Added 4 new phase of the island of Buyan.

"Aura of astral power" and "Aura ferocity" now have the time of creation in 3 seconds.
Changed the rate of attack at all pairwise clubs and axes in the game.
Given that some combinations of items of clothing allowed to get too high performance characteristics have been changed. Pants, shoes, bracers, belts, necklaces and capes will not increase endurance and instinct, but agility. All other items of equipment will not improve agility, but will continue to increase stamina and instinct.
Increased performance of all items of equipment for the dragon image.
Kit bag or install safe deposit box with the number of cells, smaller than the current store, is now impossible.
The negative effect of "paralysis" imposed by the use of skills, "numbness," is now cleared skills "Willpower" and "The Shield of holiness."
Milestone in the development of the Hand of Light "now increases the distance of the spell, even if equipped with a spear.
Distortion ability to "discharge" are eliminated. Improved sound design effect.
Fixed a problem because of which the use of skills, "Lightning Strike" goal authorizing direct effects of the two "superconductivity."
When using the skills of "Exodus" is located on the astral character of the island will now move to the ship, not the capital of the faction.
Fixed the problem, according to which character you visit Purgatory a context action skills of invisibility.
Defiler elves are no longer triggers a poisonous cloud of the target to death.
Added new development milestones, and therefore the learned development milestones will be reset.
Now that all quivers are filled, use the skill enchanting arrows can not.
When using the skill "out of sight" Scout will not restore the energy that matches the description.
Shot Serrated Arrows "now increases spell preparation time to 50%, according to the description, but not 100% as before.
Damage from the ability to "Steel Balls", is now an application to the description.
The effect of "shooting position" will be reset when using the skill "Escape".
"Crippling" and "intuitive" hits now have global cooldown.
Remove the effects of stress, while under the effect of "Silence" is now impossible.
The effect of "Purpose of contact" will be removed when you exit Mystery of the game.
The presence of the effect on the character "Mental fatigue" now increases only during the creation of skills, "Hypnosis" and not everyone else.
Milestone development "Sovereign Entity" now works with the ability "Ghostly killer."
"Suppression of faith" and "Contact Reason" will now be cleared with a lack of mana.
Fixed an issue due to which the milestone in the study of the "Joint hunt" ability to use "slap" does not give the pet effect "Cooperative hunting."
Skill Beat Bears will work correctly in the presence of effects on target "open wounds" and "vulnerability".
Corrected description of skill "oak bark, indicators of damage is not consistent with reality.
Fixed a problem because of which the use of skills "Canon of Light" and "ever-burning light" on the party of the recovery time they had shared.
Fixed a bug due to which the power of magic in the rods had no effect on the damage of the skills of Light.
Skills "Impeccable attack", "Cuff" and "Nationwide sweep" now have unique icons.
Chance to empower the enemy effect "Bleeding" when using the skill "Perfect Attack", if the goal is struck down, fit the description.
The damage of the ability to "dissection, reduced, and also reduced the influence of moving targets for damage.
The ability to "surge" under the effects of prohibiting the movement can not be used.
Effects of riot and Vertkosti now can not be removed manually

Identical items of quality "junk" received as a prey to the dead creatures, will be stored in a single cell in an amount up to 20 pieces.
Adjusted prices of production quality "junk" by selling them to merchants.
The level of the guards that are in the capitals of fractions increased to 47.
Amulet "Stamp murder" now increases all stats by 20, not 30 points as before.
Items of equipment received as a reward for performing tasks have become more versatile and suited to all classes.
Dear Goblin will now be in a unique place where you can get by talking to the gatekeeper.
Fixed a problem because of which the wedding task does not appear in the list.
Increased the number of black crows that are relevant to the assignment "Paranoia."
Upon delivery of the tasks to improve the quality of weapons (such as "You - me, I - you", and similar), the original items will be withdrawn.
Oleg Kashin will no longer attack the guards Bear clearing.
The effect of demonic terror imposed by the Third Shredder, removed "Fury Warrior and Patron of the ability to" Willpower. "
Message indicating that the character's race winner, will now contain information about the guild, which is the winner.
Servant of the past, located near Omuta Time gives the task to kill the Ghost Dragon to those who have not yet received the Dragon look.
Move into factional camps can now be through the teleportation of "Whirlpool of time."
Job Standard Call "and" Standard of death "will be sunken when aborting a gaming session.
Creatures killed in the course assignments' incubation astral graves, "" Demons astral graves "and" Possessed astral graves, will count the entire group.
Search the bodies of the fallen soldiers during the quest "Deadly Psychology after completing subtask to collect the flesh is now impossible.
On Shredder and the Second shredder operates now slowing down, to knocking down they are still immune.
Perform subtask assignments "Heart of the Dragon" will count the entire group.
Number of places appears Krokozavrov increased.
Island of Revelation
Added a marker indicating the location assignment "Live the present."
Quest "In Cold Solution" Marked as a group.
Task "Study chervelitsyh added a marker indicating the location of the transmitter.
Some issues, because of which when finding the character on any object, creature loses an aggressive attitude towards him and restore their vitality.
Reduced the amount of experience received for killing Skalozub.
When you try to exchange with a full bag through the distributor 30 dzhunskih charms 3 protoplasm Chervelitsyh will now see a special message.
Upon delivery of the job "Shoulder to Shoulder" horn Draconids not be withdrawn.
When disposing of a bag of protoplasm necessary for the job "Research Chervelitsyh" subproblem at dzhunskie amulets will be zeroed out.
The effect of "Nausea" is now impossible to remove the ability of the Priest "Shield of holiness."
Fixed a problem because of which when taking the job "Shoulder to Shoulder" is not issued alarm horn Draconids if the character has not been immune cells in your inventory.
Fixed a bug due to which in carrying out assignments, providing access to the portal, when custody was required Rocky pantsirnik, in effect, written 'Zloboglaz.
Arena of Death
Now the lyrics will not receive from the trunks, and come in a letter to the inclusion in-game mail.
The effect of "Astral plankton" will now be removed from the character when you exit the game.
Now, when delivering his chest in a standard character will be endowed with the effect of "Greed", which will reduce the endurance. The higher the quality of the trunk, the greater the effects of "Greed" will receive a group.
Preachers cultists received 45 level instead of the previous 40.
The kingdom of Nature
Zhabya mucus needed Gentiles Empire cooking potions will no longer occur in the production of the characters of the League.
Experiences and adventures (dungeons)

Flag of the war in the adventures of "Tomb Juno" and "Astral graveyard" force would not be raised.
Fortress Nut
In the version of adventure, designed for level 40, the explosion of the barrels, which puts Timur Krushinin, the character will now be cast at once, without delay.
Master League when using skills "Ice Needle will now impose on the character's effect, which reduces the movement speed.
The Citadel of Darkness
Fixed rendering of flights to areas when moving between floors.
Weakened by Armand de Duser in astral version of adventure.
Plague-stricken Castle
In all versions of adventure in the attack on the Ghost kaniyskih wizards and ferocious murderer Ghosts kaniyskih warriors will not wake up.
In all versions, has more rooms and halls.
Temple Tensesa
The effect of blindness, which gives the character Voisvet Iron, now removed the ability to Patron "Willpower."
Negative effect of "Fever," which gives the characters Vissarion Arhivin now removed the ability to Patron "Willpower."
Fixed description of the effect of "Fever", which gives character Vissarion Arhivin.
Catacombs of Juneau
Ritual dzhunskie wings now attached only when equipped.
Fixed minimum level of adventure that appears in the calendar of events on 45.
Corrected for effect Dar Raider. " Now, caused by damage to magic classes depends on the mind, and for individuals - from the force.
Tower Gurluhsora
Skill Magic cover "Wizard no longer removes the effect of" showers ", which gives the character Deeps.
Increased the chances and how many received Relics in the production of a Pogrom, Jora and deep.
Fixed a problem because of which do not reset the reputation of cultists after assignments "Step into the darkness" and "Home Among Strangers." To remedy this situation, you should talk with the illusions of heads of factions, which must have an updated key to the City of Demons.

Appeared wormholes that allow to get to the third layer is the Astral.
Now, at the time Job Astralonavtika "and" training course "subject" the right to manage the astral vehicle will be seized.
Grey Wolf, who is on Wolf Island, now it will not appear again after the murder.
Departure from the Island Goblins will now occupy less than one minute.
Fixed the problem by virtue of which shields were not restored when flying into a hangar.
The sixth stage assignments, training travel on the Astral, is now available with 31 levels of character development.
Keys to the layers of the Astral is now impossible to sell to merchants.
When taking and completing the job "Intersectoral jump" Astrolabe will not be issued.
Reworked all the tasks associated with the construction of the ship, the emergence of the possibility of Rebirth in a way that they are accessible to both characters.
Added 4 new phase of the island of Buyan.
Cultists, summoned the final boss in the Island Tomb now will not confer character effects, causing damage over time.
Energy consumption experimental engines "Lightning" brought into conformity with the description.
Fixed an issue with which you install a new hull is sometimes called impossible.
Job to improve the ship's hull is now disposable, rather than daily.
In the description of the update may be changed, you will be able to recognize "red-headed" font.

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