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Update [25.11.2010]

• Fixed appearance of the costume chaplain.
• Fixed an issue that can not improve things, caught in the astral, if at the time of disconnection of game servers ship with a mining was in the Astral and the contents of the chests were obtained after switching servers.
• Cells outfit Dragon shape in the presence of their subject matter will now endow characters special properties. Hat, one-handed weapon, shield and a special weapon reduces the cooldown of Dragon shape for 5 minutes, and two-handed weapons by 10. Ring, shirt, pants and earring prolong the effect of Dragon image for 6 seconds. Cape, belt, bracers, necklace and shoes increase the rate of appearance in Dragonblight at 3%. Gloves can apply the effects of control and deceleration, while in the guise of Dragonblight. Armor makes you immune to the effects of controls imposed by the characters in a cell without gloves Dragon shape. In the presence of Equip Shoulders, if at the time of his death he was in the guise of Dragonblight, it simply returns to the normal version of the outfit, not dying at the same time. The presence of an amulet makes it possible to use special skills that are only available in Dragonblight appearance.


• All residents Sarnauta an opportunity to legalize their relationship and get married. For this to be met several conditions: the characters should be of different sexes and to belong to one faction. For the wedding ceremony will need a set of wedding rings, dresses and 10 gold. Performed the marriage ceremony in the Church of the Light Novograd in the registry office Nezebgrade. To legalize their relationship to characters will be available to new skills, allowing resurrect a spouse, as well as prepare meals, replenishes health, mana, energy or increase endurance.

• Effects that influence the time of creation spells have no effect on the ability to "Grace."

• Cloak of the rider will be hidden, especially if the character is riding on a dreadnought.
• There is a new unique opportunity to change the color of his riding animal by magic. Perhaps that is why all colors are called magical. To change the color need special items that can be extracted in the Astral, win the races, get out of caskets, and many where else. Each of these items allows you to use a certain magic color, but mount a character is not received. The possibility of using color is stored in the character even after he was thrust out an animal.

• Fixed a problem with the inaccessibility of the job, "Kara's Vow: The Demon Kirah" characters 46 levels.

The shop of curiosities

• The number of charms that can be stored in a single cell is increased to 10000.
• Fixed a problem, because that is not displayed in the helmet fitting game store, if at the time of fitting to the character was equipped with a mask.

Action: Casket Korabel
• Casket shipbuilders. Opening it, you'll get valuable equipment for your astral vehicle - the reactor, engine, shields and guns, as well as useful items - Barrel emanations, amulets, mana batteries and much more! In addition, you have a chance to win a unique magic color for your horse or a wolf! Please note, this offer is limited to the time of action, hurry up! Caskets can be purchased at the game store shop of curiosities in section Boxes / Chests or see the action!
• Now when you buy a certain number of caskets characters can ensure that you receive exclusive things from these caskets. When you open the casket of each character will receive a special token, which will be the alternative currency and stored values. "Dear Goblins" in the capitals of the factions for a number of tokens are willing to share certain values.

Addition to the range
• In the shop of curiosities appeared Tokens pioneer. They are designed to increase the capacious bag. Each improvement adds to the bag 6 cells, but the more capacious bag, the more tokens need to improve it. In connection with these changes, a rarity all available in the game at the moment will change bags, and bag the Conqueror an increase of 6 cells. Tokens can be found in the warehouse / bag.
• The maximum size of bags - 60 cells.
• Under Transportation / add a new mount - Dusk wolf. Riding beast for lovers of speed, originality and gloomy appearance! Twilight Wolf, reduces the time to research Sarnauta! Increases movement speed by 30%
• In the Style section / Weddings added Wedding dress, wedding dress, wedding rings, champagne, romantic gift.
• Under Transportation / Ship Prints engineer added. Simple and convenient way to reduce the time to improve his astral vehicle. The use of one reduces the time required to complete the improvements for 24 hours.

• Added color differentiation of tasks, depending on their type and complexity of a particular character.
• In the game settings the opportunity to turn off voice sound interface messages (messages like "the goal too far," "I need mana, etc.).
• simplifying the process of drafting and sending letters to in-game mail. In the "Recipient" added the drop-down list that displays all the character's friends, and as a recipient of the letter can be selected by any of them.
• When the cursor hovers over a context effect, which allows to carry out interaction with the game character or object, the goal will be highlighted.
• When you insert the object rune level 11 and higher number of icons in the tooltip will match the level runes.
• When making important steps on the guild (dissolution, out of guild players) will ask for confirmation.
• A new option to set the distance, with distance at which your character's icon from a group member or unit will become gray.
• Fixed a problem with the inability to make emotional icons on the Quick Access Toolbar.
• Updated input line messages in the chat. Now you can change the location and size of lines, as well as selecting a channel chat in which he wrote the message.
• You can quickly insert the name of the object in a chat message, carried it by left-clicking on the subject while holding the key "Shift".

Astral confrontation
• Characters will not be removed from the gun control when taking damage from damage spell on the area.
• navigation buttons on the allodium will be active only during the battle.
• A user interface, which will display all necessary information about the current progress of the capture control points.
• Realgar for victory in the Astral confrontation will not receive the guild master and owners of rugs individually.


• Bonus to Mana, obtained by using the ability to "print health" depends on the characteristics of the equipment, put on at the moment, and not from that which has been put to use spell.

• "Cleansing" now removes the purposes of the effect of "wasp swarm" Gentile.
• "Cleansing" now removes from the target effect 'Arson' Magi.
• "Cleansing" now removes the purposes of the effect of "poisoning acid" Necromancer.
• Milestone Development "execution" does fixed damage, and the probability of deposition is increased.
• Dubbed the majority of spells.

• Unable to use the skill "Ignition," "Ring of Ice" and "Reflection," while under the effect of silence.
• "The contrast elements" are no longer mana and spends with one count of both instabilities.
• Duration of effect magic of instability, "Charge spell depends on the character of Mind. Every 10 points characteristics increase the duration of effect by 1 second.
• the cooldown of your Fire Wall "is 30, 10 and 5 minutes, depending on rank, and also gives effect, protecting it from its effects for 30 seconds.

• When applying multiple effects of Acid Reagent for the same goal by different Necromancers Stacks.
• Kadavr Defiler and receive up to 75% less damage from most damage spell on the area.
• Milestone Development "Pharmacist" reduces the cost of spells "Fever" in Man.
• One goal could be given effects of fear on several Necromancers.
• The effect of cadaveric poison will be removed upon application of the effect of the expansion, and the effect of the expansion will be debited for the arrival of goals more powerful effect of cadaveric poison. Thus, the goal can not simultaneously be endowed with the effects of cadaveric poison and decay.
• At the same goal can be present simultaneously the effects of "Curse of Warlock" from different Necromancers.

• Expanded the description of the milestones of "Rogue".
• Number of effects of sleeping darts, obtained for the use of the eponymous skills fit the description.

• Resetting the aggressive attitude of substance in relation to the character Contact Razumov will burst, and will be filming all the effects, which was given the goal.
• Ability to "Elan" reduces the cooldown of Spectral killer. "
• Fixed a problem causing the inability to absorb losses from Kara Gentile potions while in astral form.
• Seared mind does not increase the recovery time skill patron.
• Applications of skill "Magic Protection" activates the Astral aura of power.
• "Seared mind" does damage and has a recovery time of 1 minute, increased its mana cost. Now the effect increases the creation of the following three spells of up to 20 seconds.
• Healing obtained when using the skill "Correction of the body, the second and third grades reduced, and on the ground increased.
• Ability to "Adjust the body" on all ranks imposes on the target effect of the stress of 8 pieces.
• The ability to "loop time" is no longer valid for the duration of the effect of Dragon shape.

• The effect of "Combos", obtained by using the same name skill will be imposed in an amount equal to the number of extra strokes. When applying subsequent attacks a number of effects on the Gentiles will be reduced. Mana subtracted for each attack separately.
• Milestone Development "Potions" now works correctly with the ability to "refreshing potion," which in the ability of learned Potions at once brewed in the amount of five pieces.
• Effects of "Vortex" and "Tornado" removable Purification Priest.
• The effect of open wounds, superimposed on the target pet Gentile, now does increased damage when moving target.
• Ability to "Big Hunt" does not share cooldown with other abilities.
• Fixed a problem, according to which during the attack-hit goal milestone in the study of "Combos" All skill is becoming inactive. The effect of "Combos" is removed when using other skills.
• The effect of punishing potion deals damage to three times, which increases proportionately for each clock cycle.
• Duration of the effects of punishing and refreshing potion is increased in the presence of Milestones "Sage."

• When using the skills of "Nova", "Protection from the darkness," "Prayer," "Healing Touch", "Kara sword" and "Sacred Dawn", while under the effect of "punishing potions, Templar will receive damage.
• Damage "anathema", depending on the number of stamps for the excommunicated.
• Dubbed the majority of spells.

• The effect is stunning, which gives a warrior and an opponent by using skill "Bull Strike, now cleared by your Willpower."
• Skills "Cuff" and "Kick" global cooldown.
• Damage caused by bleeding (but no dissection) no longer depends on the speed of the attack weapon, equipped with Equip.
• Dubbed the majority of spells.


• Increased the cooldown amulets, received a reward for fighting ranks. The duration of the effects which a character is endowed with the use of amulets is reduced. Sami effects now increases rage or not wisdom, and strength or mind, and give immunity to the effects of silence and disarm.
• When you attack your character from behind by a creature he is knocked down, but instead will be endowed with the effect of slowing down.
• If you use an amulet Symbol Kabbalist "to another character the player will rise PvP flag.
• Damage from Sinister rune Kabbalist does not ignore the security features target.
• All the earrings in the game no longer increase the resistance. This feature adds a cape.

• Level Kobold lowered to 22 - 23.
• Jobs Turtle crystals, "" Essence of insight, "" crawling creatures "and" Underground danger, "available at level 23.

Splinter Hypatia
• During the assignment, "Be fruitful and multiply" Magic stele can not be used more than once.
• event "The Secret Ingredients of Babur" will not be sunken, after rejoining the character in the game.
• Mothers wild orc warrior in the killing will go to the counter job "illusive hopes Kostolom.
• Murder Orca poedinschika will count only those who called him.
• Removed an immunity to the effects of control in Ghost fierce robber.
• The time allotted to complete the task "Conversations with ghosts, increased to 45 minutes, and the effect that the character is endowed with a task, can not be removed forcibly.
• There was variation in the elite "Goblin-slave" - "Goblin Bonded.
• There was variation in the elite, "Phantom Thief" - "Fierce ghostly robber."
• Added the elite variation Orc Shaman, goons and thugs.
• Items "Flint" and "Stone Axe, acquired from the Babur-miser, you can sell.
• Now close all the cemeteries on the ruins of present ministers of light, which can be purchased Mirra.

• If you select "Give ore" in the dialog box Basil Rudokopova will be withdrawn once all the ore, rather than a single slot, as before.
• After completion of tasks "billboards" and "personal example of" supplies needed for their implementation, will be withdrawn.
• When using the subject "Invader" needed for the job "opportunities", you can not get more than one "Quintessence of Knowledge."
• The refusal to perform the job "Physical evidence" subject "Annals of the past" will not be withdrawn.
• All items of "Researcher" needed for the job "Explore it," will be withdrawn in its delivery, as well as the refusal of execution.
• Pets Pagans and Necromancers will inherit from the master effect "Protection from Fire Elementals," which they are endowed by using the subject "unquenchable fire" during the quest "Heart of the Dragon."
• Loose Imperial guards that appear during the quest "Escape".
• Strengthen the plot NPCs and guards placed in factional camps.
• Zombies that appear during the quest "The enemy's technology, will attack the character, hitting mine and not the one who set it up.
• Upon delivery, or refusal to perform the job "Double Yaskera" object "Amulet of Appeal" will be withdrawn.
• Increased the number of facilities required for the job "Mercy", and the time before their reappearance after use - is reduced.
• Near Omuta time postman came.
• Increase the size of areas in which you can set mines during assignments "Elemental Power" and "Minernye research"
• The winners in the race, holding one of the three top places in-game mail will be sent gifts, which are open, you can get a unique magical colors for mounts.
• In production, obtained by killing living beings on location, you can get the banner.
• Countdown timer effect "Race" will be produced, even if the character is out of the game world.
• Shredder, which appears during the quest "Immunity iron" and "Private entrance, will disappear after the death of all members of the group or leaving their area, in which the creature lives.

The kingdom of Nature
• The Pin-headed and Voyaty Yagodova located near the factional cemeteries, you can now purchase a drop of myrrh.
• Ingredient of the "Heart of the Goblin" necessary to create an "Extract of death", now falls on all the goblins.

• Increased the amount of experience received for the victory over the boss Timur Krushininym in the regular version of adventure.
• Fixed a mechanic working mines, which establishes Timur Krushinin. At first, mines inflict damage, and only then the character thrown back.
• Rollback Timur Krushinina skills, allowing him to set mines doubled.

Large dome
• The adventure in the 45 + level, which is located on the astral island, the men of Detachment Hawk will be asked.

Plague-stricken Castle
• Efforts Ghost White Knight in all versions of adventure.

Temple Tensesa
• All the creatures in the regular version adventures have 34 - 35 levels.
• Fixed a problem because of which after the release of the game from inside the dungeon, at another entrance could not have bosses Voisvet Iron and priest of the Church of Light.

Catacombs of Juneau
• With the ability to "Help Nature" Pagan during the battle with the boss designed to animals will not disappear.
• The effects of that character is endowed with the use of medicinal and magical potions, obtained in the maze will be cleared when exiting adventure.

City Demons
• Number of vitality Demon Fel affects the number of recruits them demons. The less health the more the demons he calls, but no more than 5.
• The recovery time of the staff calling spines, increased to 30 minutes.
• Rod appeal can only be used during the execution of tasks associated with the five tests.
• Boss Jordan will not cause critical damage.
• Mayhem now sees the characters are under the effects of invisibility.
• Twilight bats, which appear after the murder of like beings, will have 45 levels, not 40 as before.
• Fixed a bug that caused the fact that during the quest "City of Demons" subproblem "Hack the demonic portal is counted only one party member.
• The effect of "Infinite shower Astral, which Deeps gives all members of the raid, is not removed Shield holiness Priest.


• Damn lights located on the island with Eater Sparks, are immune to the effects of control.
• Mothers Demon gravedigger and a demon-killer will now block the vehicle control device for 5 seconds instead of 10. Recovery time of this skill has been increased to one minute.
• The entry of the broken ship in the hangar it will be automatically repaired.
• Fixed camera work during the rotation around the character, control the gun.
• The second layer is the Astral periodically appears wormhole leading to the lair of ferocious demon-tempter. When you move through the funnel, you can quickly find the demon and fight him.
• Deep Demon adversary is endowed with the ability to 'Snowdrift', acting on the characters, and can also inflict damage on the area.
• The characters that have spent testing charges on multi-sectoral and jump without taking the job of the same name, when taking the job at once would be met.
• The astral pilot, located in factional hangars, a dialog box appears, allowing the charges to get the acceleration and the astrolabe.
• Get the spoil with the astral chests can now only those characters who participated in the production of treasures. If the character is not involved in the adventure, even if he was accepted into the group before opening the chest, drawing him not to come.
• Visit one island, you can not use the astrolabe while trying to get to the second, until you're back in the hangar. However, you can get to the second island in the standard way.
• Having made a cross-sectoral jump through Astrolabe can be visited no more than one island to return to the hangar.
• Astrolabe not always bring the ship to the region the sector containing the home or allodium or island.

New Island

• The first and second layers of the astral body, discovered two new islands "Astral thorn" and "The Green Labyrinth." And also, astral travelers, one after another, to announce the opening of another, a unique island in the second layer - "Mountain."

• Repaired a bug that caused that damage astral beings of shipboard equipment, has received only one device.
• Reduced the amount of energy consumed by the boards with a small volume, increased consumption of energy shields with large volume.
• Fixed a bug that allows you to restore the boards without power consumption by including a reactor.

Well-known game bugs that will be corrected in the next hotfixes.
• Do not operate some of the chat commands, require a parameter, eg "/ invite".
• Message chat is not always sent when it was preceded by a command prompt.
• Characters under level 47 with access to the 3 layer astral body, can not get sailing.
• flying away from the astral island, there is a chance to meet some creatures, designed for a single battle.
• No visual effects at the divisors on the astral vehicle.
• Carry out search of the island and went at it, chances are it does not detect.
• Interrupt gaming session when changing sector.
• Unable to replace some of the ship's devices.
• Delays in the game when you turn the camera with the mouse.
• Problems of rendering the ship fired the gun, obtained from the casket shipbuilders.
• Will the error, not allowing the ships to make leaps through multi-sectoral part of astral wormhole.
• "ever-burning flame", "Cascade" and "Avalanche" and will be corrected and work according to the description, as it was before.
• Will be Fixed milestones "Northern Lights", "Gift of Heaven," "The generosity of the flame, now they will again restore mana on critical damage, as before

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