Muj hoooodně starej build :D

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Muj hoooodně starej build :D

Příspěvek  Lynx za Tue Jan 25, 2011 11:07 pm

muj build

a zbytek bohuzel jen eng zatim protoze jsem to jen zkopiroval z astralriders fora Smile

well i didnt find any actual build calculator so here are screens. Stats screen is with luck elixir, int pot, and 3 stacks of luck buff from pet critical on.

My combo for max dps is really simple.. maul, great hunt, wolfs blow, lightning strike, wolfs blow, maul, lightning strike and so on.. when great hunt is active again, i use it. Great hunt is great to max your pet's dps, so i think that two rubies in thrill of hunt are important. As Guta wrote on "pimp your build", you have only 5sec without great hunt

When attacking more mobs/trash then i use bear's blow instead of wolfs blow.

sometimes i spam only wolfs blow and lightning and im waiting with maul for knock down buff from lightning. When knock down effect is active you have 100% more dmg from maul for your pet, and better chance for open wounds as you sure know when there is open wounds on mob/boss, i sometimes change lightning strike for vortex and when you are lucky enough, vortex make searing pain, and then is time for shred Very Happy i dont use shred often, cause pets energy is valuable. Thats why i used bonus ruby from Sarn for faster pet regeneration one ruby there is enough.

Well, these stats distribution im just trying. i think i have too much wisdom, and maybe perception too but i killed today again Fangourne solo so maybe its not to bad Very Happy (i had muuuch luck, i died here yesterday more than once Wink)

as you wrote Sparta that you will remove endurance rubies, i have opinion that its very usefull. you suffer lower dmg from critical, so you have more chance not to die on Kazul

No idea what to write more, so i'm waiting for any criticism or question


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